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Posted June 12 2017 By admin

privatix logo Privatix is a VPN service provider that is based in Cyprus. It is one of the very few and rather unknown VPN services that operate mainly as a free VPN service, but also offer premium subscriptions. In this review, we will dissect every feature of Privatix based on testing their free service.
Posted June 10 2017 By admin

lsdfjlasj Based in London, UK, Hideman VPN is an interesting VPN service provider that has caught out attention due to the variety of features it provides at affordable prices. In this review, we will discuss all that is related to Hideman VPN based on trying their free plan.
Posted June 05 2017 By admin

sxhjsaksak Celo is an Australian-based VPN service that was launched in 2014. Celo is a latin word which means to "hide" or "conceal"; in the sense of the word, Celo is a VPN service that hides/encrypts your IP address (i.e; data traffic) whenever you are connected to the internet to secure your data...
Posted May 31 2017 By admin

BTGuard2 A VPN like BTGuard, could give you genuine feelings of Secrecy, serenity, privacy and help you remain against oversight and observation. BTGuard is an answer that offers fast associations, great encryption and a 'no logs' strategy.
Posted May 30 2017 By admin

ljsljsflj Freedome VPN is one of the stern internet security products provided by F-Secure, a large internet security company that is based in Finland. In this review, we will tackle the different features and overall performance by Freedome VPN based on using their free trial service.
Posted May 29 2017 By admin

Untitled-design-1 Based in Canada, Blockless started as a Smart DNS service that grew to offer VPN services as well. In this review, we will go through all the features offered by Blockless VPN based on trying out their free service.
Posted May 29 2017 By admin

vpn-ht VPN.HT is a British Virgin Islands based VPN that was in the chosen to end up noticeably the official accomplice of Popcorn Time that enables anybody to stream most recent films and TV demonstrates by means of torrenting. In this VPN.HT review, we will check what else VPN.HT brings to the table and uncover regardless of whether you ought to wind up noticeably its supporter. VPN.HT Server Locations: VPN.HT has conveyed servers in various nations including United Stat...
Posted May 28 2017 By admin

securevpn-pro SecureVPN.Pro is a relatively new VPN service that is packed to the grills with some impressive security features for safer and more anonymous browsing. In this review, we will explore and discuss the different features provided by SecureVPN.Pro.
Posted May 21 2017 By admin

bvpn1 Based in the Netherlands, bVPN is one of the fast growing VPN services in the market today. bVPN is a company known for its fearless fight for internet privacy and they have been clearly busy developing some sophisticated and highly advanced security features that have been praised by a lot of VPN critics.
Posted May 20 2017 By admin

zenmate-vpn-for-chrome1413365652-576x535 ZenMate is a VPN service provider that is located in Germany. It started off a basic VPN extension for Chrome browser, but it has grown exponentially to provide robust and ultra-fast VPN services for personal and corporate use. In this review, we will explore the ZenMate realm based on using their premium VPN service.