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Posted April 26 2017 By Mahitab Mostafa

wangle vpn Despite Australia's move to mobilise its metadata retention bill earlier this month which obligates all telecoms and internet service providers to start keeping metadata logs of their users, Wangle Technologies has launched on April 20th what is called Australia's first compliant VPN service provider. Click for more about Wangle VPN.
Posted April 22 2017 By admin

CASHU Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) has reportedly instructed the Ministry of Commerce and Investment to set a ban on prepaid CASHU cards. Fearing that it could be misused for money laundering and terror funding, SAMA has voiced concerns over inability to properly monitor transactions via CASHU. Even though in a blog post dated July 15th, CASHU has denied the news “The company has stated that they are working with Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency “SAMA” to provide the h...
Posted April 22 2017 By admin

twitter-turkey According to TurkeyBlocks, an impartial digital transparency monitoring network, Turkey has banned access to popular social media platforms: Facebook and Twitter along with video sharing website: YouTube and instant messaging application: WhatsApp nationwide since Friday November 4th 1:20 am local time. VoIP app: Skype and photo sharing app: Instagram have shortly followed. The mentioned applications and websites have been reported...
Posted April 14 2017 By Mahitab Mostafa

Metadata-image The Australian government passed a law obligating all Australian telecommunication companies and internet service providers, such as: Telstra and Optus to store their users' metadata logs for as long as 2 years without their customer's approval or a legal warrant. Click for more details.
Posted April 13 2017 By Mahitab Mostafa

Net_Neutrality In an attempt to save the individual's right to a private and an open internet environment, the Internet Association which consists of Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Lyft, Netflix, Pinterest, Reddit, Spotify, Twitter, Uber and many more, has stood up against the FCC's decision to roll back the existing net neutrality law
Posted April 08 2017 By Mahitab Mostafa

Screen_Shot_2014-01-14_at_5.29.39_PM.png.400x0_q85 After digging their claws on internet privacy, the Trump administration seems to stop at no point as the Trump-era Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is now set off to take down net neutrality in the US as well. Click for more information.
Posted April 05 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

trump_privacy_security_blog What was before a nightmare, on Monday became a reality. President Trump just signed off the vote to remove internet privacy and now it is a law. This brought a lot of tensions not only in the congress but to internet users and privacy advocates all over the US. Click here for more details.
Posted April 02 2017 By admin

Internet privacy and specifically personal information and browsing habits have always been a huge dilemma between the government, the people, ISPs and the telecommunication companies. Each side had a somehow reasonable reason for their opinion about internet privacy. This issue has passed over two major eras; the Obama era and passing on to the Trump era. Final Days of Obama During the final days of the Obama administration the Federal Communications Commission had approve...
Posted October 10 2016 By admin

In many parts of the world where small talk is usually all about weather and sports, in China it’s about new VPN providers in the market. VPNs are not only essential for expats who are looking to access Facebook and Snapchat; Chinese citizens are just as well as hungry for new VPN services. Not to mention multinational firms such as Apple and Microsoft that count on VPNs to survive and protect their highly sensitive data from being accessed by Chinese government.VPN...
Posted September 28 2016 By admin

whatsapp-facebook-data-share In a blog post dated June 18, 2012 titled “Why we don’t sell ads”; WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum uses the memorable quote from the 1999 drama movie, Fight Club: “Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.” to explain why he and Brian Acton are strongly opposed to selling users data to advertisers; even though that was part of their former jobs at Yahoo! It seemed that Mr. Kuom was so determined not to take p...