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Posted April 30 2017 By Duaa ElHanafy

OperaVPN is a Toronto based online protection organisation that offers a VPN application, in order to provide security and safety. Established in 2011, this VPN is now the least expensive VPN around. OperaVPN likewise offers a free form of their VPN, with no time restriction.In May, OperaVPNĀ ha...
Posted April 30 2017 By Duaa ElHanafy

SpotfluxVPN SpotFlux VPN is now one of the trending VPN applications available online. With easy to install steps and easy to use interface makes it a special choice for Beginners in the world of VPN. SpotFlux VPN is based in America. They have just been around for a couple of years so they do have a tiny bit o...
Posted April 30 2017 By Mahitab Mostafa

shutterstock_539781358-1024x678 It is better to be safe than sorry when using the internet while travelling. It is extremely important to take serious security measures as long as you will be connected to public networks while travelling for either business or on a holiday. Therefore,choosing the right VPN service would make your travelling experience. Click for details
Posted April 30 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

Best-VPN-France France has been known to have complete freedom when it came to surfing the internet and freedom of speech. However, recently this freedom has been accompanied by extreme online monitoring or surveillance by the government especially after a few terrorist attacks that took place over there.
Posted April 29 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

mg_turkish_wiki_comp Recently the Turkish government has banned the famous online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. This is not the first online censorship that takes place in Turkey. The Turkish government has been banning a large number of popular websites especially after the recent failed 2016 coup attempt.
Posted April 29 2017 By Mahitab Mostafa

wikipedia-logo-en-big Wikipedia is the most popular online encyclopedia on the internet. The colossal online reference receives more than millions of hits on a daily basis. Unfortunately, Wikipedia has been blocked in Turkey by the Turkish government today (Saturday, April 29, 2017) at 8:00 a.m. (Turkey's local time). Click for more information.
Posted April 29 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

singapore_outlaw_vpn_blog Even though Singapore has got one of the highest rates of internet users per population (over 72% in 2012), yet, it has also got one of the highest internet censorship imposed by the government. Political sites with opposing views to the government and all sites with adult content are completely banned.
Posted April 29 2017 By Mahitab Mostafa

Nine2012_Glossed_Logo Netizens outside Australia find it difficult to watch Channel 9 due to geo-restrictions in the land down below. Such restrictions revoke any online accessing attempts from IPs that are geographically located outside of Australia. However, you can still unblock and stream Channel 9 by using VPNs. Click for more details.
Posted April 28 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

download (2) India is known to have one of the largest populations in the world. It is also known to have extreme online censorship. Not only with geo-restricted sites like Netflix and BBC iPlayer, but with sites which include online gambling and most sites with adult content. Over 800 sites are banned and the number rises year after year.
Posted April 28 2017 By Mahitab Mostafa

200x200xShadeyouVPN.jpg.pagespeed.ic.n2xkmKU0xl ShadeYou is a new, small VPN service provider that is based in the Netherlands (although their address on the website is located in Scotland). ShadeYou offers several impressive features at considerably cheap prices. In this review, we will evaluate ShadeYou VPN's performance based on trying their service.