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Posted June 30 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

thumb-1920-75534 Although internet users in Belgium do not face any problems with online censorship, they still face 2 serious online risks; online surveillance by the NSA among other entities and a severe rise in cyber crimes. Belgium is like most European countries when it comes to online surveillance.
Posted June 29 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

images Ever since the famous civil war in Algeria in the nineties and the government has been building an advanced infrastructure which gives it high surveillance capabilities. Even though the Algerian president in 2006 had pardoned all the journalists that have been accused with defamation charges.
Posted June 28 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

images-18 Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is the highest populated city in the UAE and one of the most expensive cities in the world. At the same time it holds a massive amount of foreign investment. It is considered a great living and working opportunity for people from all over the world.
Posted June 27 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

australia-vpn-3 Australia is known to have strong Data Retention Laws which means that ISP's are bound by law to store all internet users' online activities and information and simply hand it over to the authorities when asked for it. This means that all the netizens in Australia are under the risk of having their personal online privacy being breached
Posted June 26 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

italy-vpn1 Even though Italy is considered a free country on paper, yet, in reality the situation is a bit different. There are no internet restrictions placed by the government but there is a high level of online surveillance. Freedom of speech is always threatened behind the curtains.
Posted June 26 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

Brunei-Flag Brunei is a country in South East Asia, which is considered one of the richest economies in the region. It has enormous reserves of petroleum and natural gas which is the reason for its high economic state and human development index. Citizens of Brunei have really high incomes and a high internet penetration rate (60%).
Posted June 24 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

1 (1) Burma has recently been developing very slowly technologically and economically. Even though it is considered a very popular destination for tourists, yet it is not considered a free country at all when it comes to its internet or freedom of speech.
Posted June 23 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

iphone-logo iPhone is the brand of mobile phones by Apple inc. The first generation of the iPhone was launched in 2007 and they run the iOS mobile phones operating systems. Ever since it was launched it has released 11 generations.
Posted June 22 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

yemen-flag-wallpaper-mixhd-wallpapers The internet situation in Yemen, regarding online surveillance and online censorship, is very similar to, if not worse than, that of its neighboring Arab countries. The government possesses a high level of online censorship for both political and religious reasons.
Posted June 21 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

Colombia Flag 590x332 Colombia is considered a tough online challenge since it has got both online censorship and online surveillance. The government blocks both illegal content such as child pornography and politically opposing contents (lack of freedom of speech). Colombia is also known to have very poor online privacy laws