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privatix website

Privatix is a VPN service provider that is based in Cyprus. It is one of the very few and rather unknown VPN services that operate mainly as a free VPN service, but also offer premium subscriptions. In this review, we will dissect every feature of Privatix based on testing their free service.


Privatix offers a premium subscription with more features compared to the free VPN service. Privatix Premium offers unthrottled speed up to  1000 mbps, full access to all server locations and dedicated slots. Unlike free users, premium subscribers will not have to wait for a free slot. In addition, premium users get to enjoy 5 simultaneous connections with one account and no ads. Users can subscribe monthly for $2.30 or annually for $1.91 a month.

privatix pricing

Payment Methods

A variety of payment options are accepted at Privatix. We were happy to see that they accept both anonymous and regular payment methods, including: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Interkassa, LIQPAY, giropay, and many more. We always recommend using anonymous payment methods for extra security and anonymity.

privatix payments

Free Plan & Refund Policy

We do not usually come across VPNs that offer a free VPN service, Privatix is one of the very few provider to offer a free VPN service.

“Privatix is completely FREE and available to any Internet user who has installed and set up our browser extensions, mobile apps or desktop software.”

However, it comes with some restrictions. For example, the free VPN has limited speed to 5mbps and users get access to 4 server locations only (USA, UK, Netherlands and Singapore). In addition, free users have to wait for a free slot when the network is overloaded with users, which is very inconvenient for many users.

privatix free comparison

As for the company’s refund policy, a 30-day money-back guarantee is offered to paid users should they find the service unsatisfactory.

Privacy Policy

If you visit the F.A.Q section, you will find clear statement that the company does no keep logs nor does it store personal data:

“We do not monitor or store any data which is on your computer or phone memory. Furthermore, we do not store or log your personal data, which can be used to identify you or what you’re doing online”.

However, upon visiting their privacy policy, you will find a rather puzzling statement that some personal data is stored with the user’s consent, such as: when selecting certain servers, when contacting their support team and “postings in forums, communities and through comment functions”.

“Our objective is that no personal data is collected, processed or permanently stored. Personal data is defined as any information concerning the personal or material circumstances of an identified or identifiable individual. Your personal data will be collected or utilized only to the extent necessary to perform our services or if you have given us your consent beforehand.” [..] “Your personal data is collected, stored and used for the respective purpose only.”

We are not entirely sure if they keep logs or personal data or not. We tried communicating with the support team using the e-mail provided on the website, however, we did not receive a reply. On the other hand, if you want to use their free service, you do not have to provide your e-mail address, they will track your location using your (DeviceID, HWID, UIID).

Privatix Software Client

We have downloaded Privatix software client for Windows to test the overall performance of the free service and share our feedback with you. As previously mentioned, account registration is not necessary when using the free VPN We went ahead and downloaded the Windows application right away.

The installation process was smooth, we did not face any interruptions or hassle. It only took very few minutes until the application was successfully downloaded on our system.

privatix installation

As you can see below, the interface is simple and user friendly. It is very similar to Zenmate’s and F-Secure Freedome’s.

privatix client 1

Because we were using the free version, a lot of servers were inaccessible.

privatix client servers

As for the settings, we found some interesting features like: DNS leak protection.

privatix settings

Privatix Features

In this section, we will explore the different features provided by Privatix VPN, including: encryption, bandwidth, speed, compatibility, support, etc. Scroll down for more details.


Privatix uses a military-grade encryption level to support stern tunneling protocols, such as: SPDY/IKEv2/OpenVPN. IPsec is also supported all to make sure that your connection is encrypted and hidden from peeping Toms.


Privatix has a small network of servers (16 servers in total), however strategically spread across 12 major locations, including; USA, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Russia, Canada and more. The network is growing and we hope to see more servers added and more countries covered. It is important for any successful VPN service to own a large global network of servers to help users bypass as many geo-restricted websites as possible.


One of the very attractive features of Privatix is its cross-platform. The VPN is compatible with all major platforms, such as: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android. It is also compatible with browsers, such as: Chrome, Opera and Firefox. This means that Privatix can be used with several devices, like desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Simultaneous Connections

Another impressive feature is that a single premium account can connect to 5 devices simultaneously.

Customer Support

Privatix falls out in this area as live chat support is not available and the only way to reach them is via e-mail. The support team is not responsive, we have already sent them an e-mail, but did not receive a reply. There is also an F.A.Q section, but it need a lot of improvement to include most commonly asked questions about the service.


Privatix VPN is a below average VPN service. We cannot expect much from a free VPN service, but they are trying they are still a growing company. We are not impressed by their limited bandwidth and limited speed for free users nor are we impressed by the idea of waiting time for a free slot. Also not all servers are accessible for free users, so we do not see a point in offering and advertising a free VPN if it does not provide an honest service. Moreover, the website lacks a lot of necessary information, especially their privacy policy section. On the other hand, the application is very easy to use and does not require manual configuration on mobile device. Further, Privatix offers 5 simultaneous connections per premium account which is excellent and equally unfair for free users. After all, Privatix is mainly a free VPN service.

2 thoughts on “Privatix VPN Review (2017)”

  • Daren says:

    Will Privatix turn over logs, etc,,, to law enforcement or court order? Quite a few won’t because they have nothing to give.

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  • Julie Pelletier says:

    No company is above the law so they would be obligated to turn logs over if required.

    That said, such logs are not necessary to trace back the connection which would be visible from both ISPs and possibly traceable by the block chain transactions.

    The biggest problem I can see with this system is that the users who share their bandwidth will be the ones investigated if something illicit is done on their connection.

    When you’re an organization providing a VPN service, you have ways to protect and defend yourself which are beyond the reach of simple users who know little about technology and the laws. This alone is a major reason NOT to share your connection with strangers.

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