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Are searching for a basic VPN arrangement that is perfect and simple to utilize? Then, BTGuard may be the one.


BTGuard is in contrast with other VPNs available, however it has a user’s consideration because of their awesome protection approach.

Introduced in 2008 and situated in Canada, Toronto, BTGuard’s VPN administration can offer solid security for your web association and it is likewise perceived for safeguarding on the web secrecy. Lots of respective VPN sites implies that anybody that requires a VPN that can protect their character will see in BTGuard a perfect arrangement. This supplier has a strong involvement in online security administrations and since it is situated in Canada, it is not subject to information maintenance laws, guaranteeing that your data is not put away or checked.

BTGuard improves the security of your Surfing’s, averting listening in and keeping up your personality covered up. You internet perusing history, downloads and interchanges are presented to investigation from extensive companies or government associations. Be that as it may, a VPN like BTGuard, could give you genuine feelings of serenity and help you remain against oversight and observation.

BTGuard Website

As you get into the site you will find an entirely clear place  with a straightforward interface and some data about the item. The Black and red is fascinating yet it’s somewhat troublesome on the eye. Else you will discover the need-to-know data on the principal page and connections to other imperative segments.

All things considered, much the same as the product, the site is perfect and straightforward. In any case, the Support is somewhat less easy to understand however you can at present locate the required data. In the tutorials you should tap on the symbol of the OS you’re utilizing to get the data and the FAQ looks more like a discussion than a range bound to offer data.


Devices supported:


To the extent VPN network goes, they don’t have a custom VPN programming, yet their wiki-site gives essential instructional exercises on the best way to set up a PPTP or OpenVPN association on all major OS’es (Windows XP and fresher, Mac OS X, iOS, Linux, Android).


Prices and costs


Lets take a look at the costs and taxes offered by They offer 2 fundamental administrations. 

  • BitTorrent Proxy ($6.95 every month) – If you wish to download documents namelessly, then this bundle is most appropriate for your motivation. You will get an intermediary IP address and you can effectively shroud your character. offers you an encryption bundle, with which you can protect your obscurity on the web. You ought to for it in the event that you are managing data transfer capacity issues. You will get a pre-designed form of the uTorrent BitTorrent customer. However, you ought to realize that you can purchase full VPN administrations from different organizations for a similar sum.


  • VPN ($9.95 every month) – We are discussing the full VPN bundle here. You will get 128-piece PPTP encryption and additionally the 256-piece AES OpenVPN encryption. They have servers in Asia, Europe and Canada. To the extent the evaluating goes, it remains in the normal class. Be that as it may, when we consider the components, they are offering it at a good cost.



They have servers in Hong Kong, Canada and Europe. Accordingly, clients from everywhere throughout the world can get to their quick servers. They have a no log arrangement set up. You don’t need to manage slacks because of separation.


Does BTGaurd provide any free trials?

Most VPN arrangements that are not kidding about their customers won’t offer a time for testing. They do offer a Money Back Guarantee period so you can have room schedule-wise to test things out. With BTGuard the circumstance is somewhat unique as they will offer not one or the other. The best way to test it out is to pay for one month for the bundle you choose.


Client Support

Tragically, the client asistance is a major less for BTGuard. The best way to get in contact is by means of their tickets option. This could in any case work on the off chance that they would answer on time however numerous clients have grumbled that it takes days to get an answer. There are even clients who don’t find a solution by any means.

In any case, the individuals who get an answer are generally guided towards the FAQ so you ought to look at that before attempting to connect.


In this BTGuard audit we attempted to expound every one of the points of interest and components of it. BTGuard is an answer that offers fast associations, great encryption and a ‘no logs’ strategy. In any case, if this sounds great, you ought to likewise consider the way that there are some negative perspectives that can’t be disregarded. For example, they don’t think of their own product and you need to depend on the OpenVPN customer, the protection approach is somewhat shady and the client support is nearly nonexistent.