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Freedome VPN is one of the stern internet security products provided by F-Secure, a large internet security company that is based in Finland. In this review, we will tackle the different features and overall performance by Freedome VPN based on using their free trial service.


Unlike every VPN service we have reviewed, Freedome VPN only offers annual subscription plans. Therefore, you need to be absolutely certain when you decide to subscribe to Freedome VPN. There are 3 types of annual subscriptions based on the number of connections/devices. All plans include unlimited bandwidth and full access to all features. What is even more surprising is that payments are accepted in euros, not dollars. Finnish pride? Possibly.

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Free Trial & Refund Policy

You can enjoy a 5-day free trial from Freedome VPN without registration with unlimited bandwidth and access to all servers as well as some impressive features, like: browsing protection and tracking protection.

Upon subscribing to Freedome, you will also enjoy a 14-day free trial period together with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Payment Methods

As previously explained, Freedome accepts payments in euros instead of dollars. You can make your payments via major credit cards, like: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB or Maestro. You can also make payments through wire transfer.



Finland is a country that is known for its adamant actions to safeguard an individual’s right to internet privacy and safety. The country has strict laws promoting online privacy which comes into benefit for Freedome as a VPN service. The privacy policy is concise, sharp and to the point. It provides all the info needed by any VPN user to know how his/her data are being handled. At first glance, you will notice a clear statement saying:

” We respect your right to privacy. We encrypt your data traffic. We do not share nor sell any of your traffic. We do not read your traffic. We do not know what traffic is yours. We know security. We have no back doors.”

Although some metadata is collected, including: IP address, country, duration of VPN sessions and amount of data transferred; Freedome VPN does not keep traffic logs. This means that your browsing activities shall remain anonymous and encrypted.

” We do not keep any logs about connections established through the VPN service to external addresses. We cannot link the IP address of your browsing destination to you.”[...] ” We store the collected data for a limited time as necessary to fulfill the above purposes. After that, we either delete it or make it anonymous.”

Freedome VPN Features

In this section, we will discuss the different features offered by Freedome VPN, including: security, bandwidth, speed, servers, compatibility and support.


F-Secure is a solid internet security that has been in the business for decades. In light of this fact, we expect top notch security features from its VPN service, Freedome; and we were not disappointed. In fact, Freedome uses strong encryption algorithms and authentications to ensure that your information is immune to tracking and cracking. They use AES-128-bit encryption for data, SHA-1 for authentication and 2048-bit RSA for handshaking. For Windows, Android and Mac OS, it uses OpenVPN as a tunneling protocol whereas iOs is supported by AES 128-bit IPsec encryption for data, AES-256 for key exchange and SHA-1 for data authentication. OpenVPN is also an option for iOS users.

Browsing protection

This feature is automatically enabled to protect you while browsing the internet from any harmful threats, such as: hackers.

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Tracker Mapper

Tracker Mapper is how Freedome VPN stands out among most leading VPN service providers. This feature is also enabled by default and opens a stand alone app that “blocks intrusive trackers and makes your online browsing smoother and websites load faster.” Not only does it block websites from tracking you, it also stores the names of those websites for your reference in log form.

“Instead of just telling you how many tracking attempts Freedome has blocked, we thought we would bring this to life. Tracker Mapper works by letting you record blocked tracking attempts, then you can see these on an interactive, visual map. You’ll be surprised to see the volume!”

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Servers & Bandwidth

Freedome has a small but global network of servers spread across 28 major locations, including: UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands, and many more.

As for bandwidth, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth without any restrictions of throttling. We tested several servers while streaming media like internet radio and Hannibal on Hulu and we were not disappointed the slightest.

freedome client 3Compatibility

Freedome is compatible with “Windows 7 or later, OS X 10.10 or later, iOS 9 or later, Android 4.0.3 or later”. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Linux.

Moreover, Freedome is available for purchase in almost all countries except the gulf region, including: Bahrain, Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Customer Support

Even though live chat support is not available, users can still reach F-Secure support team via email tickets. In addition, there is a comprehensive knowledgebase section together with an F.A.Q section for self-assistance.


Freedome VPN might not come with expected security features like a kill switch or a DNS leak rotection, but it packed with several impressive security tool like Tracker Mapper and browsing protection. We tested the service for IP, DNS Flash and WebRTC leaks and we were happy to find no leaks whatsoever. The overall performance is solid, we tried streaming with diferent servers for long hours even while writing this review and the connection was stable without any interruptions.