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Posted May 22 2017 By admin

Global-Network When we browse through the VPN websites and try to choose a suitable VPN for us, we usually always see them bragging about how many servers they have. This is a very important point to consider when choosing a VPN as having a large number of VPN servers has several reasons and benefits.
Posted May 09 2017 By admin

stop-ip-leaks-418-826-1_1489416982 However, in many cases, even when you are using a VPN, websites can detect your real IP address and restricted your access through their servers. This is called IP leakage, which happens mostly when your VPN is not compatible with your internet protocol version, such as: IPv6 which results in leaking out your real IP address...
Posted May 08 2017 By admin

6a00e008d95770883401a73e1695c5970d Mac OS users face a lot of challenges and unpleasant connection issues with IPv6. Mac users who also use VPN services while surfing the web are liable to serious security breaches due to the fact that a lot of VPN services are not compatible with IPv6 yet.
Posted May 07 2017 By admin

ipv6 (1) IPv6 presents a challenge to some VPN services that are not equipped with features like: a kill switch or an IPv6 leak protection due to leakage problems. This means that a user's real IP address together with any personal data and online activities are vulnerable to getting exposed online.
Posted May 05 2017 By admin

IPv6 -VPN-Services It is without any doubt horrific to have your personal data and online activities compromised on the internet while being under the impression that you are protected by your VPN due to IP leaks, especially to Windows users. However, by understanding the root of the problem and getting a better idea about the different solutions for it.
Posted December 08 2015 By admin

DNS remains for Domain Name Server. Whenever you write a web address into your program bar, a solicitation is sent to a Domain Name Server. This server matches space names to IP addresses where the site is really facilitated. The DNS then advises your program which IP location to go to with a specific end goal to stack the site you have asked.   DNS makes an interpretation of space names into IP locations, spoke to by a progression of numbers. For instance, one of Ya...
Posted June 22 2015 By admin

Do you live in Turkey or in another country where you don't have access to your favourite websites and services on the internet? Are you planning on travelling to foreign lands, but you're afraid that your favorite websites are blocked due to censorship or copyright restrictions. We got you covered! Here are some methods to unblock websites and services on the internet: Ditch Domain Names and Use an IP Address This is quite an easy way to unblock websites, but it usua...
Posted April 26 2015 By admin

if you're always on the move or rely mostly on your hand device (e.g: smartphone or tablet) to surf the web, you definitely need to secure your internet even if you're using a home network because an insecure hand device is a an easy target for hackers or phishers to spread malware or steal your personal data (like: credit card information or passwords). If you're looking for a way to browse the web safely without spending much on security services or creating a mess whil...
Posted April 24 2015 By admin

Internet shopping has become without doubt the most popular and fastest way to make purchases. With the rapid growth of online stores, people now find it a lot easier to shop for their stuff online instead of physically wandering through stores and markets in their towns. Moreover, you can purchase any product from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks on your mouse. With fast shipping and insane discounts, internet shopping has remarkably trumped over regular shoppi...
Posted January 30 2015 By admin

Ifconfig is acronym of “Interface configuration” for System and network administration in Linux/Unix operating system. You can configure network interface parameters via command line. ifconfig commands can be used in many purposes; you can change IP address ifconfig, display network configuration information, enable or disable network interface, and set up hardware address. There are more than ten utilities of ifconfig commands. We will take some of them with examples. ...