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Posted April 15 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

free-wifi-300x300 It's really great how we can now stay connected to the internet almost anywhere we go, thanks to WiFi hotspots. However, this perk comes with a great risk as, when a lot of strangers are connected with you through the same network, they can easily penetrate your privacy and get their hands on your information and internet activities.
Posted June 15 2015 By admin

Russia's Crackdown on Tor A Russian court has recently ordered Russian internet service providers to block RUBlacklist, a website that posts useful tips on how to use anonymity services, like: VPNs and Tor, and shares information on how to use torrent websites, like: The Pirate Bay. “Law enforcement has demonstrated its complete incompetence in the basic knowledge of all the common technical aspects of the Internet, though even youngsters can understand it,” Artyom K...