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Posted June 30 2017 By Mahitab Mostafa

windows_10_logo_in_hands There is a simple way to change the DNS used by a computer. This way or method differs from one operating system to another. In this tutorial we will be demonstrating how the DNS can be changed in the network settings on Windows 10 by going through a few simple steps.
Posted June 30 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

thumb-1920-75534 Although internet users in Belgium do not face any problems with online censorship, they still face 2 serious online risks; online surveillance by the NSA among other entities and a severe rise in cyber crimes. Belgium is like most European countries when it comes to online surveillance.
Posted June 30 2017 By Mahitab Mostafa

windows 8 dns server DNS server addresses are usually provided by internet service providers to their customers and are configured automatically on their routers or modems. Giant ISPs run their own DNS server networks, in addition, there are a lot of free DNS servers on the internet that can be used as alternatives.
Posted June 29 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

images Ever since the famous civil war in Algeria in the nineties and the government has been building an advanced infrastructure which gives it high surveillance capabilities. Even though the Algerian president in 2006 had pardoned all the journalists that have been accused with defamation charges.
Posted June 29 2017 By Mahitab Mostafa

petya ransomeware 3 On Tuesday, the world witnessed another wave of hair-raising cyber-attacks that hit computer servers in Ukraine and spread internationally across Europe to reach the United States, Australia and even India.
Posted June 28 2017 By Mahitab Mostafa

Chinese-government-bans-vpn-services-ban-2-300x200 In a few days, Chinese VPN users will say goodbye to their VPN services. The Chinese government has been making shocking decisions lately to tighten its grip and expand its sovereignty on the internet to shape what can be viewed on the web. A new decision has been made regarding the use of VPNs in China starting from the 1st of July.
Posted June 28 2017 By Mahitab Mostafa

unnamednbn Based in Canada, Betternet is a free VPN service provider that has gained wide popularity among VPN users and has now grown to serve 38 million netizens. Betternet VPN is rated #1 on App Store and holds the same rank on Google Play as well. In this review, we will discuss all features and offers provided by Betternet VPN.
Posted June 28 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

images-18 Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is the highest populated city in the UAE and one of the most expensive cities in the world. At the same time it holds a massive amount of foreign investment. It is considered a great living and working opportunity for people from all over the world.
Posted June 27 2017 By Mahitab Mostafa

nnbvn A new feature has been recently introduced, called “Snap Map” which uses a device’s GPS sensor to enable users to share their location on a map with their friends or some friends on “Snaps to Our Story” which is public and users will be shown as Bitmojis on the map.
Posted June 27 2017 By Ahmed Bahgat

Illustration file picture shows a man typing on a computer keyboard in Warsaw The German authorities have introduced a new method for intruding on encrypted messages through applications such as WhatsApp. This method is through a malware known as Staatstrojanern or state Trojans. This malware is sent to the target device that needs to be monitored.