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Apple TV is a great product manufactured by Apple; it is Digital Media Receiver for entertainment TV channels to watch full HD online Stream videos, movies and shows like YouTube, Bloomberg, Netflix, and lots of other great online channels as well as iTunes based content.

The only problem with on-demand entertainment that American & British media networks make their TV & radio programming like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora available over the Internet for US and UK IP address only. So Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, CBS and many other channels are not available to viewers who are located outside of the US and UK because of certain copyright agreements with the major movie studies.

VPN on apple tv

Why you might need VPN on Apple TV 

Every time you try to watch television through an Internet stream, you Internet provider tell the host which location you live in.

Although Netflix is slowly becoming available in more countries but these counties have limited access to the full American TV.

So, in order to use entertainment services freely and watch live streaming of your favorite TV channels on Apple TV outside of the US, you need to get a US IP address and the best way to do this is using VPN on Apple TV with a high speed, encrypted and secure connection to the UK or US servers from any location globally. Using VPN on Apple TV ensures that your computer appears as if it is located in the country to which you want to connect, so you will appear as you are in US or UK which allows you to access your favorite online services like Netflix and Hulu without buffering or losing speed.

How to set up a VPN on Apple TV

Using VPN on Apple TV need the following:

1.      Download a VPN provider and follow installation steps then select the USA server to get US IP address.

2.      Connect your TV to a VPN server through PC or Flashed Router.

·         Using VPN service will also work on your smart TV and streaming boxes.

·         If the network connected, you can set up any device to use VPN service.