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In September 2012, the Pakistani government blocked the giant video-hosting Youtube for refusing to delete a controversial video film called “Innocence of Muslims”, which sparked fury among many muslims all over the world and was deemed “blasphemous” by the government of Pakistan.

“The government does not want to take any chance and wants to make sure that after the unblocking YouTube, no offensive content remains viewable in Pakistan,” [...] “So far no tool or solution has been found which can totally block offensive content, that is why YouTube remains blocked and it will remain so indefinitely,” a senior government official said.

On the other hand, a lot of internet users in Pakistan, especially students and professors, are still desperately attempting to access Youtube for their studies, while others are looking for entertainment or keeping up with the political scene around the world. Free speech campaigners have protested against the government’s policy to exert control over web content and increase internet censorship.

As a result, a lot of Pakistani internet surfers have found a way to go around the PTA’s (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) geographical restriction policy and managed to unblock Youtube by using Pakistan VPN.

What is Pakistan VPN?


Pakistan VPN is a virtual private network that is used by internet surfers in Pakistan to bypass the PTA’s geo-blocking policy in order to unblock banned websites, such as: Youtube. The service simply operates by creating a visual network tunnel that is highly secured and encrypted within the internet for your data traffic to travel through until it reaches the specified destination. Think of it this way, the PTA can detect that you are trying to access blocked web content through your IP address because your IP address indicates your geographical location. However, by using Pakistan VPN, your real IP address is masked with another one  (e.g: a U.S IP address) so that it would appear to the PTA that you’re surfing from the U.S instead of Pakistan. In this way, you will be able to gain access to any web content that is banned by your internet service provider (ISP) in absolute anonymity, without being detected by the PTA.

What are other benefits of Pakistan VPN?



• In addition to gaining unlimited access to blocked websites, social networks,and services, such as: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Viber and Skype; Pakistan VPN is a user-friendly VPN client that is easy to install and through which you can connect to VPN applications with just one click.

• Not only that, but Pakistan VPN is also compatible with all operating systems, including: Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Android, and hand devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

• Pakistan VPN offers extra encryption layers, such as: OpenVPN over SSH tunnelling which is used to provide an additional layer of protection against hackers, surveillance and identity thieves. Therefore, you can feel safe using your sensitive data and credit card information online in order to carry out banking transactions or online shopping.

• Unlike many of its peers, Pakistan VPN doesn’t keep logs. This means that under any circumstances, your personal data will not be tracked nor can any third party trace your online activities.

• You needn’t ever to worry about your privacy compromised while surfing the internet through Wi-Fi hotspots in public places, like: cafe’s, libraries, etc. because Pakistan VPN give you full security coverage even while you’re on a public network.

Further Note:

Due to the exponential growth of online surveillance and the development of sophisticated methods used by governments to develop their internet filtering systems, we highly recommend to constantly check whether your DNS is leaking or not. We also recommend using a double layer encryption, such as: OpenVPN over SSL and Open VPN over SSH which would enable you to bypass Pakcet Data Inspection (DPI) used by ISPs in countries, like: China and Iran.

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