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Until a few years ago, people preferred going to local stores and markets to buy what they need, even though online shopping was available then. However, people at that time would rather spend hours walking down the market to buy their goods than shop online using their credit cards for fear of theft. But today this concept has drastically changed as many online stores have proven to be legit and now offer safe methods to buy from a variety of genuine products with lesser prices than in local stores, making online shopping growing exponentially and becoming a more common way for buying than actually going by yourself to get what you need. In addition, online shopping is known to be more convenient in the Middle East and Iran mainly due to the religious nature in the region towards women in particular. Thus, buying items online in countries, such as: Iran is far safer than running your errands by yourself.

However, with the rapid growth of online shopping, security cyber threats have been equally on the rise. For instance, during holiday seasons you may find unknown holiday e-cards, pop ups and other types of ads luring you to claim their offers, however this type of advertising usually includes dangerous malware to steal your credit card information. This is why every online shopper needs to take the proper precautions before they decide to click on the “buy” button. One of the best ways to secure your online shopping in Iran is by using Iran VPN.

What is Iran VPN?

tumblr_ng91vfVZd01sqpssqo1_1280As a virtual private network, Iran VPN is a virtual network designed to act as a secure bridge between your computer and the website you are trying to reach. The idea behind Iran VPN is to create a highly secure tunnel within the internet for your data traffic to travel through before reaching the specified destination, like the website you are trying to shop from, for example This is done as Iran VPN takes your real IP address and replaces it with another from its global network of servers to conceal your personal data and keep your credit card safe from identity theft and phishing schemes.

Is that all?!

Not even remotely! While the Irani government has taken control over its internet traffic and blocked numerous websites, including shopping stores online as part of its internet censorship strategy and political conflicts with other countries, such as: USA; Iran VPN enables internet users to anonymously bypass this geographical restriction policy and unblock these websites without being detected by the government’s internet service provider (ISP). In this way, you will have the opportunity to surf the web freely without worrying about your credit card information being vulnerable to cyber threats.

Iran VPN also offers its members a no logging policy, meaning, your personal information will not be kept in logs to enforce more privacy on your sensitive data and give you more online security. Furthermore, Iran VPN gives internet surfers in Iran unlimited bandwidth in order to boost their internet connection and get the best out of their internet service.