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Perfect Privacy is a VPN service provider that is registered in Switzerland. It is well-known for not only its high prices, but it more known for its solid performance as well as its stern security and anonymity levels. In this review, we will discuss all elements and features offered by Perfect Privacy. Scroll down for more details.


Perfect Privacy VPN was very famous for being one of the most expensive VPN services in the market. However, probably due to competition, they have reduced the cost for their price plans. You have the choice to pay €13.49 for the monthly plan, €11.98 for the 3-month plan, €10.99 for the 6-month plan, €10.41 for the 12-month plan or €8.95 for the 2-year plan. Once you make your payment successfully, your VPN account will be activated right away.

Payment Methods

The wide range of payment options is absolutely impressive. Users can choose between 60 different payment methods to subscribe to one of Perfect Privacy’s plans, such as: Bitcoin, Paypal, Webmoney, credit cards or even cash. We definitely would urge you to choose an anonymous payment method for extra security and anonymity, like: Bitcoin.

Free Trial & Money-Back Guarantee

Unfortunately, free trial is not available. However, if you do not find Perfect Privacy VPN satisfying, you can get your money back within 7 days.

Privacy Policy

Upon visiting the website, you will notice this bold statement:

“Perfect Privacy is committed to the privacy and anonymity of its members since 2008 and is one of the most secure VPN providers worldwide since the beginning. The protection of your privacy is our main concern – therefore we do not record user activity.”

Let’s analyse this statement and understand how Perfect Privacy works. If you head over to their privacy policy section, you will understand that the company does not keep logs of your online activities. However, they admit storing little information, such as: email address, credentials and when your account expires. Then it continues “we do not log any logins or connections you make. We solely record the total usage ratio of the servers, i.e. how much traffic is being used on our servers. This data can be publicly viewed on our serverstatus page.”

Perfect Privacy VPN Features

In this section, we will explore the different features offered by Perfect Privacy VPN to help you decide whether this VPN service is right for you or not.

Security & Encryption

One of the most beautiful things we have come across and did not find in other VPN providers is the level of transparency and display of information on Perfect Privacy website. The company supports multiple protocols and they explain the benefit of each encryption protocol. OpenVPN is the main protocol supported by Perfect Privacy with AES 256-bit encryption. You can find thorough explanation about the nature of OpenVPN in terms of security, privacy and efficiency. Other supported protocols include: IPsec, SSH2 tunnel, Squid and SOCKS5 proxies. We definitely recommend using OpenVPN as it is indeed the most secure encryption protocol to date.

As for common leakage problems, such as those often attributed with DNS and IPS; Perfect Privacy supports IPv6 and provides IPv6 leak protection. There is also an integrated DNS leak protection within the Windows client. In addition to DNS and IP leak protection, there is a kill switch that terminates any running program when the VPN connection drops for any reason. Other security features include: stealth VPN and port forwarding.

Servers & Bandwidth

Perfect Privacy has its servers branched across 23 major locations, including: US, UK, AUSTRALIA, EGYPT, GERMANY, FRANCE, CANADA, ROMANIA, JAPAN, ISRAEL, CZECH, TURKEY, SWITZERLAND, SWEDEN, and more.

As for bandwidth, there are no restrictions or speed throttling whatsoever. Users can also enjoy unlimited server switching.


You can use Perfect Privacy VPN on different platforms, like: Windows, Android, Mac OS, iOS and on various devices, such as: desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Not only that, but you can also use your VPN on different routers. There is a dedicated router page and a router forum where you can get all the information needed to configure Perfect Secrecy VPN on routers.

Customer Support

Live chat is not available, but this is not a problem at all. You can browse through very comprehensive forums, blogs and F.A.Q sections to get all the information you need about the VPN service and how to make the best out of your VPN connection. If you still want to reach out to someone, you can communicate with the support team via e-mail.


We can not say that we hate anything about Perfect Privacy VPN. This badass service is packed to the grills with a myriad of impressive and essential features that would bring joy to any sophisticated VPN user. This is a very sturdy VPN provider that takes the privacy and security business very seriously. They may be a little pricy and not very user-friendly in terms of live chat or free trial, but they are more focused on providing a product that is worth every penny.