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cloak vpn main

Cloak VPN is a US-based VPN provider that was founded in 2011. It is intended mainly for Apple products, such as: Mac OS and iOS and recently Android. In this review, we will discuss Cloak VPN and see what makes it special. Scroll down for more details.

Price Plans

Cloak VPN is very diverse when it comes to pricing. It offers very flexible subscription methods for VPN users. There are three types of memberships available, re-billing, one-off “Passes” and group subscriptions for teams and families. As for regular re-billing subscription plans, they are divided into Family (5 family members for $12.99 per month), Unlimited (unlimited data for $9.99 per month) and Annual (unlimited data for $99.99 a year). Passes, on the other hand, are intended for one-time usage only. The Passes membership is divided into 3 plans: Weekly (unlimited data for $3.99 per pass), Monthly (unlimited data for $9.99 per pass) and Annually (unlimited data for $99.99 per pass). There are also 2 kinds of group memberships: Teams (minimum of 2 members from $7.99 per month) and Family (maximum of 5 family members for $12.99 per month).

Free Trial & Refund

Regarding free trial, Cloak VPN offers a 14-day free trial for users to evaluate the service before purchase.

As for refunds, Cloak VPN would refund the “most recently paid month” only.

Privacy Policy

We must admit that we are not impressed with Clock VPN’s privacy policy. Unfortunately, Cloak keeps logs. As a US-based service, Cloak VPN states on their privacy policy page that they comply with USA’s data retention laws. What does this mean for you? It means that the company is obliged to share your data with law enforcement agencies upon request.

Cloak VPN Features

In this section, we will explore the different features offered by Cloak VPN to help you decide if this VPN is good enough for your needs.

Security & Encryption

Cloak VPN relies on standard 128-bit Blowfish encryption to support OpenVPN protocol. As mentioned on the website, they do not prefer IPsec for being less secure and vulnerable to security threats and shifted their main focus on OpenVPN tunneling protocol for its stern security algorithms and reliability.

Servers & Bandwidth

It is not mentioned how many servers they have, but the company has a measly number of server locations; a total of 7 server locations in Canada, US, UK, GERMANY, Australia, France and Japan. The more the number of servers and server location, the better chance to bypass geo-restrictions and access restricted content on the web. Also a large network of servers provide more stability to the VPN connection. We hope that they would expand their server network to include more locations.


We can’t say the Cloak VPN offer cross-platform support because it is mainly restricted to Mac OS, iOS and Android. There is no support for Windows or Linux which is not exactly efficient, but we hope that this policy changes soon to provide more compatibility with other popular platforms and operating systems.

Customer Support

Even though live chat support is not available, but the company makes up for that by providing a very extensive and comprehensive F.A.Q section. The knowledgebase section includes all possible questions and answers needed to understand how the service operates and how you can make the best out of your Cloak VPN subscription. In addition, you can communicate with the support team via e-mail in case you need some human interaction.


Cloak VPN is very good when it comes to simplicity and financial flexibility. It falls on average scale when it comes to features and privacy. For example, there is no kill switch, DNS leak protection or IPv6 leak protection. In addition, the encryption level is not bad, but not very impressive either. Moreover, the service keeps logs and is US-based which means that they comply with data retention laws and this is not a very favourable thing when it comes to a VPN service. The number of server locations is quite small compared to other VPN service providers. Last but not least, Cloak VPN is only compatible with Apple operating systems (Mac OS and iOS) as well as Android only. We hope that they would provide software clients that are compatible with Windows and Linux, too in the future.