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All devices that are connected to the Internet have an IP address that identifies each sender and receiver of transmitted data across the Internet. The most widely used IP protocol is IPv4 (IP version 4). IP address could be static that means the device will have the same IP address when connected to the Internet. Or could be dynamic, as the device could have a different IP address each time it connects to the Internet. Internet service provider dictates your public IP address, which makes it impossible to be able to change your IP address without the help of your service provider.

Why you need to know how to change IP address Mac?

There are many reasons to know how to change IP address Mac. If you have an IP address ad another device have the same one or your address format doesn’t let you access the Internet.

Some services like online streaming, video websites, online radio, games or general websites block IP addresses from certain regions. So you won’t be able to access it as the system detects that your IP address outside of its area of service. Connecting to server from another country will enable you to change the location you appear to be from by changing you IP address.

Following how to change IP address Mac to bypass restrictions and access blocked web content is useful for people who suffers from their restrictive governments.

Another reason made people want to know how to change IP address Mac is getting blocked or banned from a service.

You might want to bypass your company network firewall get free access to the internet.

Also changing you IP is important for protecting your privacy while browsing web content; sites and services.

How to change IP address Mac using VPN

1.      Go to the Apple Menu and select System Preferences.

2.      Click the Network icon.

3.      Select the active connection on the left hand side of the window

Note: click on the padlock icon if your security settings are set to require password to unlock each system preferences pane.

4.      Click on the advanced button.

5.      Click on the TCP/IP tab.

6.      Click the drop-down menu labeled “Configure IPv4 and select manually to enter your desired values for the IP address.

7.      Click on the Apply button to save your configuration.