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Every one of us is using the internet almost every day, to study, to chat, to contact your friends and family or to get the information’s you want, but we can’t realize how risky it is. And if you’re really concerned about being safe and secure and concerned about your identity online while you are browsing the internet, you should think about anonymous browsing proxy, because when you are on the internet your geographical location, your personal information and websites you visit are on public and anyone can use them, and people can access into your computer very easily.

So in order to protect your identity and keep your data and personal information become invisible from hackers and spammers, anonymous browsing proxy is the only option you have.

The purpose of anonymous browsing proxy is

The purpose of anonymous browsing proxy is to prevent your online activity and using which might be accessed by hackers or spammers, from following or tracking.

Anonymous browsing proxy can save and protect your IP address because every computer has its protocol which is IP address. IP address is your identifier when you are browsing online, and anonymous browsing proxy can protect your bank account information, your home number, personal number and your home address from hacking.

Anonymous browsing proxy is generally very helpful for internet users which need their sessions’ not be monitored, and give them the chance to surf freely.

Anonymous browsing proxy gives you the high speed connection, and the easy use to unblock websites at home or school or at your office and bypass firewalls.

With anonymous browsing proxy you can browse the internet securely without being blocked from any website you visit, sometimes when you visit a certain website you got trouble accessing it because you have been blocked, In this kind of case anonymous browsing proxy will help you to visit these websites without having any problems.

Follow our tutorials to know how to configure anonymous browsing proxy on different operating systems and web browsers.