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Nowadays everyone is searching and looking for cheap software to increase internet connection speed and to give them more security while browsing the internet. As we all wonder, what makes the internet connection slow and always hang when we are trying to enter wrong URL.

The reason for this is your browser which keeps looking and searching for IP address of this URL from DNS server, but IP address cannot be resolved. And that’s why we need to change DNS to Google to increase the speed of internet connection and to protect us from various and spoofing attacks or other security threats.

What is the meaning of DNS?

DNS is stand for (domain name system) it’s a system of which all internets service is used, maintains, and created. DNS is based on IP address, when you use a domain name every time DNS translate this domain name into corresponding IP address.

If you still don’t understand the meaning and the use of the DNS yet and how important to change DNS to Google we will make it easier for you:

When web pages become complex and include resources from multiple domains, users need to perform DNS lookups to a single page.

There is hundreds of DNS lookups users perform every day, and this is slowing down users browsing experience. That’s why it’s very important to change DNS to Google.

Now, here are the steps to change DNS to Google (on Windows)

-First, to change DNS to Google you need to go to control panel

-Click on network and internet.

-Click on network and sharing center.

-Then click on manage network connections.

-Here you need to select the connection which you want to configure Google DNS.

Right click on wireless network connection to change wireless connection settings.-

-Type the provide confirmation or password if you have prompted for one.

-now you need to select networking tap, and use the following items: click on the internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) then click properties.

-click on advanced and then select the DNS tap.

- Select Use the following DNS server addresses.

-Replace those addresses with the IP addresses of the Google DNS servers: and

- Then click “ok”.

Now you are so ready to browse the internet with high speed connection and high security with these simple steps about how to change DNS to Google on Windows.

For the Mac tutorial, please check this link: