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Did you ever wonder how to change ip address on Linux in a very easy way?  Before we give you the steps to know how to change ip address on Linux, we need to know first

What is Linux and why it is very popular?

Linux is a very good phenomenon as Linux is an operating system; these operating systems are computer programs, because when you turn your computer on the operating system software is the first piece that the computer executes.

The operating system manages the available recourses on the computer when it’s loading itself into the memory. Then those recourses being provide to other applications that people want to execute.

And what makes you understand why Linux is very popular is its history, in universities the first version of UNIX was used as operating system research and been developed since decades ago.

Companies like Sun proliferated in the 1980s their workstations were based on UNIX, and by this time many companies entered this field of workstation against Sun proliferated company, like Silicon Graphics, HP, Apollo, IBM, etc…

Each company has its own version of UNIX and that’s make it very difficult on software sale and the solution for this was large disk management, provide the same features as Unix operating system etc… and make it compatible with windows applications.

change IP address on Linux

How to change IP address on Linux

– Right click on the “Connections” icon in the notification area

– Choose ‘Edit connections’

– You’ll be asked to “Insert your password to perform administrative tasks”

– For “Connection Name”, type any name you want.

IPsec configuration:

– For “Remote server”, insert the matching IP address you like.

– For “Use pre-shared key for authentication”, type: sharedsecret

Switch to L2TP tab:

-Check the “Length bit” checkbox

Switch to PPP tab:

–  Check the “Challenge Authentication Protocol” checkbox only and leave other options unchecked

– For “User name”, type your VPN account’s username

– For “Password”, type your VPN account’s password

– Click “OK”

– Now, go back to the “Connections” icon in the notification area and
click on the connection’s name you just created, it will take a few seconds to connect.