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DNS stands for Domain Name System which is in your Mac device, DNS doesn’t appear to the user during the use of the Internet because it’s invisible and not all of Mac users know about it.┬áDNS is fully responsible for accessing all websites, and many Mac users need to change DNS server mac.

Why do some people need to change DNS server Mac

There is some DNS Mac servers are weak and may not be available, which affects negatively to load websites slowly or won’t be loaded at all, and that’s one of the main reasons behind knowing how to change DNS server mac.

The DNS is considered a reference to domain names of all websites, because the IP sometimes is difficult to be found easily or remembered, you can find it via DNS like (IP: When you put this IP address on your web browser, your Mac contacts a DNS server to find the IP associated with the domain name. DNS is a directory of all websites as we explained above.

Each Internet service provider manages its own DNS servers, so if you create Internet access; your Mac will use the servers for this DNS service provider, so you won’t be able to load any website, you will have to find a way to change DNS server mac by using another DNS server provider either OpenDNS or Google Public DNS and both of them are fast and free.

Change DNS server mac

The difference between OpenDNS Provider and Google Public DNS provider to change DNS server mac:

OpenDNS services change DNS server mac are more safer than Google Public DNS services, because OpenDNS service protects your browsing from malware that could harm your Mac and that by filtering non-secure websites, in addition to that you can use parental controls to prevent access to adult Websites.

Google service doesn’t restrict Internet users and doesn’t filter Websites; this may be good for many people categories.

Simple steps to change DNS server mac

From the Apple menu, System Preferences, Internet& wireless, and select Network

You’ll find active network interface you have, click Advanced.

Select DNS to update and change DNS server Mac interfaces.

Press the + button to add a new DNS server

*For OpenDNS enter and

*For Google Public DNS enter and

Click Ok then Apply.

To test change DNS server mac:

For OpenDNS, visit OpenDNS test page.

And for Google Public DNS, visit this link and follow the steps.

Thus you can change DNS server mac easily and safely.