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Posted July 14 2017 By admin

LeakerLocker 2 A new malware has been discovered under the category of ransomware which has been targeting Android users. The new threat is referred to as LeakerLocker and is usually accidentally downloaded as a backup app from the Google Play Store. As soon as it is active it locks the victim’s home screen claiming that it is creating a backup of all the sensitive information. Once the backup is complete, the victim is threatened that all his/her photos, videos and any personal data...
Posted July 12 2017 By admin

flsjflasj Google made an announcement that they have made changes to their AdSense “ad policies” to ban completely all ads displayed on pages via pop-up and pop-under techniques. Not only that, but Google AdSense ads will not be promoted on any website that uses pop-up or pop-under ads.
Posted July 09 2017 By admin

maxresdefault (1) Cablevision, one of Mexico's giant cable TV providers that belong to Televisa, won a court order to ban all sales of Roku media streaming devices in Mexico because Roku devices are frequently misused by hackers to stream pirated content from Televisa's channels among other entertainment channels, like: ESPN and HBO. Despite Roku's vigorous attempts to suspend the court order, they have lost the case. As a result, Roku boxes were pulled out of the shelves in major store c...
Posted July 04 2017 By admin

green-vpn (1) In an attempt to toughen the online restrictions, the Chinese government has ordered the popular VPN service, GreenVPN, to shut down all its operations in China. GreenVPN was considered, by many internet users in China "the best VPN". It was the best alternative to unblocking the countless blocked websites by the Great Firewall of China.
Posted July 04 2017 By admin

savethedate800x800 On July 12th, a large number of giant tech companies, most notably Amazon, have collaborated for a “Day of Action” to save the people’s right for an open internet by protesting against the US Federal Communications Commission’s proposal to stamp out Obama’s net neutrality rules.
Posted June 29 2017 By admin

petya ransomeware 3 On Tuesday, the world witnessed another wave of hair-raising cyber-attacks that hit computer servers in Ukraine and spread internationally across Europe to reach the United States, Australia and even India.
Posted June 28 2017 By admin

Chinese-government-bans-vpn-services-ban-2-300x200 In a few days, Chinese VPN users will say goodbye to their VPN services. The Chinese government has been making shocking decisions lately to tighten its grip and expand its sovereignty on the internet to shape what can be viewed on the web. A new decision has been made regarding the use of VPNs in China starting from the 1st of July.
Posted June 27 2017 By admin

nnbvn A new feature has been recently introduced, called “Snap Map” which uses a device’s GPS sensor to enable users to share their location on a map with their friends or some friends on “Snaps to Our Story” which is public and users will be shown as Bitmojis on the map.
Posted June 27 2017 By admin

Illustration file picture shows a man typing on a computer keyboard in Warsaw The German authorities have introduced a new method for intruding on encrypted messages through applications such as WhatsApp. This method is through a malware known as Staatstrojanern or state Trojans. This malware is sent to the target device that needs to be monitored.
Posted June 26 2017 By admin

australia-plants-seeds-for-fintech-cybersecurity-industry-showcase_image-5-a-9662 In a new crack down on online privacy, world’s giant tech companies could soon be forced to weaken their encryption levels as Australia strongly pushes this fearful idea to combat terrorism and protect national security.