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AdSense is a software program developed by Google for bloggers and owners of websites to reach their audience and make profit by promoting Google ads, such as: interactive ads, texts, videos and images. Money can be earned by collecting a large amount of traffic either through the number of pageviews or number of clicks on ads hosted on pages.

Yesterday, Google made an announcement that they have made changes to their AdSense “ad policies” to ban completely all ads displayed on pages via pop-up and pop-under techniques. Not only that, but Google AdSense ads will not be promoted on any website that uses pop-up or pop-under ads.

“To simplify our policies, we are no longer permitting the placement of Google ads on pages that are loaded as a pop-up or pop-under. Additionally, we do not permit Google ads on any site that contains or triggers pop-unders, regardless of whether Google ads are shown in the pop-unders,” wrote John Brown, Head of Publisher Policy Communications on Inside AdSense blog.

Google went on to make a few pointers regarding their new ad policy. The first point revolves around  websites that have more than three pop-ups, they will not be allowed to host Google ads. In addition, any pop-ups shown on the website are prohibited from causing hassle with site navigation and spreading viruses. They are also prohibited from making automatic downloads or interfering with the user’s preferences and settings.

The second point does not permit any website to use AdSense if they are loaded by a software that uses pop-ups or automatically re-directs users to other unfavourable websites or even make any modifications to the user’s browser settings. Publishers are solely responsible for ensuring that their AdSense code is not used by any affiliated networks use pop-ups or pop-unders to get traffic.

The reason behind this is that “these policies help ensure a positive user experience, as well as maintain a healthy ads ecosystem that benefits both publishers and advertisers,” [...] “To get your attention, some ads pop up in front of your current browser window, obscuring the content you want to see. Pop-under ads can be annoying as well, as they will “pop under” your window, so that you don’t see them until you minimize your browser. We do not believe these ads provide a good user experience, and therefore are not suitable for Google ads,” as explained in the official statement posted on the blog.

This is not the first action taken by Google against internet ads. The giant tech company has been viciously combating malicious forms of advertisements for a long period of time. Further, the company has always been active against the misuse of its AdSense product to improve the user’s experience.