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Posted July 24 2017 By admin

AustraliaFlagPicture6 With every terrorist event that takes place anywhere in the world comes a new excuse in one country or the other to push on a more intense government online surveillance. The most recent move was made by Australia, which is one of the Five Eyes Alliance and hence is one of the 5 countries in the world pushing for government surveillance and voting against internet privacy. These countries include Canada, UK, US, and New Zealand. The UK already started with the Investigato...
Posted July 23 2017 By admin

South Sudan 2 Ever since the Sudan civil war in 2013 and the government in South Sudan has been gradually tightening internet access, especially on those websites related to news or politics. The latest blocks have been reported by phone internet users trying to access Sudan Tribune and Radio Tamazuj. This was first reported on July 17. The blocking of these 2 websites was ordered by the National Communications Authority and its justification for this is that these websites’ reporting...
Posted July 22 2017 By admin

whatsapp1 China continues its chain of internet censorship crackdowns, this time the target is Whatsapp. Today, Whatsapp users in China have been having problems using the app to share photos, videos or even text their peers.  “According to the analysis that we ran today on WhatsApp’s infrastructure, it seems that the Great Firewall is imposing censorship that selectively targets WhatsApp functionalities,” said Nadim Kobeissi, an applied cryptographer at Symbolic Software, ...
Posted July 21 2017 By admin

verizon Many telecommunications and broadband companies falsely advertise unlimited data packages to their customers. Unlimited data plans have to be one of the most banal myths among internet users. If you subscribe to an unlimited data plan, you will be provided with 25GB, for example, and as per terms and conditions, your data provider follows what is called “Fair Usage Policy”, in which it has the right to throttle your connection speed if you hit a certain data limit. ...
Posted July 21 2017 By admin

6a00d83451b36c69e201b8d085f970970c-600wi Overwhelming sadness has come over Pandora subscribers in Australia and New Zealand as the popular music streaming service has confirmed shutting down its operations in the land down under on July 31, 2017. Pandora is one of the most popular free music streaming services on the internet that was launched in 2005. Subscribers can create custom or personalised radio stations based on their favourite songs or artists. When you use Pandora, you have a chance to create play...
Posted July 16 2017 By admin

2017_Petya_cyberattack_screenshot Last week the world was struck by a vicious ransomware attack, dubbed as “Petya” which has been worming its way at a terrifying speed. Petya is still spreading by taking advantage of a Windows vulnerability which should have been patched by Microsoft last March.
Posted July 15 2017 By admin

China-Exports-300x169 China’s popular video-sharing platforms, like: Bilibili, ACFun and Weibo have suddenly pulled out a lot of popular foreign TV from their websites which caused a massive shock and frustration among viewers.
Posted July 15 2017 By admin

It looks like Apple is cracking down on root certificate/VPN-based adblock applications that are developed to block ads in third party apps. It is reported that Apple would only permit first-party ad blockers promoted via Safari.
Posted July 14 2017 By admin

LeakerLocker 2 A new malware has been discovered under the category of ransomware which has been targeting Android users. The new threat is referred to as LeakerLocker and is usually accidentally downloaded as a backup app from the Google Play Store. As soon as it is active it locks the victim’s home screen claiming that it is creating a backup of all the sensitive information. Once the backup is complete, the victim is threatened that all his/her photos, videos and any personal data...
Posted July 12 2017 By admin

flsjflasj Google made an announcement that they have made changes to their AdSense “ad policies” to ban completely all ads displayed on pages via pop-up and pop-under techniques. Not only that, but Google AdSense ads will not be promoted on any website that uses pop-up or pop-under ads.