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android 8.1

A new version of Android has been finally unveiled by Google. It comes in the form of Android 8.1 Oreo and it includes some new upgrades for features, bug fixes as well as some minor optimisations.

According to Google, Android8.1 is a minor release in AOSP and will be available for Nexus and Pixel devices next week. So what exactly is new? Let’s see:

1- Autofill Enhancements

In the new 8.1 version, Google has improved how applications and password managers use the autofill framework.

2- Shared Memory API

This is a new API which allows applications to gather and allocate shared memory giving them a faster access to common data. In this way, Android8.1 applications will be able to manage protection control and also pin down anonymous shared memory.

3- Revamped Settings

The Android8.1 settings menu is packed with noticeable tweaks. For example, instead of the known search icon, a full search bar at the top through which users can easily look up what they want. In addition, in the “Language & Input” section, the “Moves” menu has been replaced with “Gestures”. Last but not least, the “Ringtones” section got pimped up to fill your screen instead of showing up as a pop-up message.

4- Notification and Quick Settings Updates

In the Quick Settings, you will be able to see battery levels of any connected bluetooth devices right away instead of expanding the toggle to see the battery level. It does not stop there, the notification shade has become semi-transparent in version 8.1 instead of the usual solid colour that hides the screen behind it.

5- On-Screen Navigation Buttons

When not in use, Oreo 8.1 will automatically dim its navigation buttons to avoid any distractions users may come across.

6- Wallpaper Colours API

In the new version (Android8.1) application get to have access to the wallpaper colour set by users in order to modify how their elements appear on the device.

Moreover, developers will be able to see updates related to Safe Browsing and Edit Texts in thumbnail video extractor, fingerprint management, fingerprint and in webview as well.

7- Goodbye “Keep Wifi On during Sleep”

Now we do not understand why this change in the new Android8.1 version, but the feature to allow Wifi kept on even during sleep is no longer available in the new version. How would this change impact the battery life of a user’s device? That remains a mystery.