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 As you probably know, VPN – short for “virtual private network” – is a fantastic tool to protect your sensitive information when you are surfing the web. Whether you are using the internet at home, at work, public places or while you are travelling, VPNs provide you with privacy and security at all times. Due to their numerous benefits, notable efficiency, optimal security and versatile uses, VPNs are becoming more and more popular with business users and casual users alike. As a result, there are countless attractive VPN service providers out there on the web that offer irresistible features. But because VPNs are also costly, there are a few things you must put in mind when choosing the most convenient VPN service provider that will truly provide you with the best VPN service that is worth your cash.

In this article we will speak of 5 important factors you must consider before purchasing a VPN service

5 Factors for Buying the Best VPN

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♦ Determine Your Needs

Going shopping for the best VPN service online? Before deciding to purchase a certain VPN provider, you must research and determine the best VPN that fits your needs. You need to first figure out what exactly you need the VPN for, then go online for a VPN hunt that meets those needs. For instance, if you are a business user looking to buy the best VPN service, you will look for a VPN that can connect your home computer to you work’s without hassle. You will also need a VPN that provides a high level of security since your business will most likely involve getting sensitive, personal information on the internet; such as: bank account information, credit card numbers, username or password. You might also be sharing a large number of files; that’s why you must make sure that the service you’re paying for will ensure your privacy and anonymity at all times.

♦ Determine Protocols

Virtual private networks (VPNs) come in many different protocols and forms, each is built for a certain purpose and is intended for a certain type of users. You should know that all those protocols provide privacy, anonymity and security, but in different manners and variable security levels. Some protocols, like: PPTP are less appealing to business users as they are more vulnerable to cyber threats than other protocols, however, they are fine with casual users who are only looking for internet anonymity. Therefore, in your hunt for the best VPN, you need to research protocols and find which one is more convenient for your use.

♦ Logging Policies

Do you want to stay hidden from prying eyes? The whole idea of using a virtual private network is to keep all data sent and received on the internet private and hidden from Big Brother and cyber criminals. Although there are VPNs that offer a no logging policy, meaning that they don’t keep history of your personal information or online activities, there are other VPN services that don’t offer such feature and keep a log of all your activities. Keeping logs makes you vulnerable to cyber threats, therefore you should look for a VPN that guarantees your privacy and maintain your anonymity every time you are online.

♦ Additional Security Features

When talking about a virtual private network, it is important to realize that security features and privacy features are not the same thing. While privacy features protect your identity while online, security features include factors like antivirus, anti-malware and anti-spyware protection. VPNs that comes with security features are much better as they not only protect your privacy online, but also protect your computer from malicious software, like viruses. You are prone to accidentally downloading an infected file while web surfing, a VPN’s anti-virus, for example, will alert you when you encounter such a threat and will prevent you from saving an infected file to your hard drive.

♦ Price

Now, this is the most important point. Let’s be honest, no one likes to bleed their wallets dry over VPN services, an yet at the same time would want to make the best out of what they purchase. But to be clear, the price of a VPN service has an indismissable effect on how the service operates. Free services are an eye candy, but they lack a lot of the necessary features required to make a VPN a functioning one. Therefore, you must shop carefully for the best VPN that will provide you with killer service without killing your wallet. You can start by shopping for newly established VPNs that aren’t so popular, because such services need to stand in a good market position and so, they are packed with elite features at affordable prices to appeal to customers. You can check some of the best VPN services that are also affordable and offer honest trials.

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