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Before we talk about VPN port forwarding we will take a quick look around the definition of port forwarding which also can be called as port mapping. Port mapping forwards traffic from the internet in outside world to the appropriate server inside a local TCP/IP network

Any online service is identified by a standard port number like port 80 the most popular port number which is known by a lot of people. If the local network hosts a web server that is accessible in the public internet, port forwarding in the router is responsible for directing “port 80 for example” to the IP address of the web server in the LAN.

What are the benefits of using VPN port forwarding?

Nowadays VPN port forwarding is very common. Because of its benefits to open any banned ports on the local area network. Some people need it in order to open many blocked services. It is very useful for torrents, especially in increasing your speed during seeding.

So VPN port forwarding is often required for torrents.

What is the perfect way to use VPN port forwarding well?

There are many ways to use VPN port forwarding to open closed ports or to access restricted services. The matter is not limited only for torrents but also you can use VPN port forwarding to access the public network behind a private IP address. Many need the port forwarding for Voice over IP “VoIP” traffic while a lot of companies use the Internet and their local network for telephone service. Packets must be directed to the company’s digital PBX, which uses the SIP protocol so that public networks can “phone in” to the network.

You can use the VPN applications which support this kind of service. And you can easily google for the best VPN services; you will find a lot of VPN port forwarding services like PureVPN, nVPN, airVPN, and others. There are three protocols you can use port forwarding via them; PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN.

For Example in PureVPN after subscription you can ask them with the port number you want to forward and they will set up it for you as soon as possible.