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A lot of Internet users need VPN service on their computers to watch some of banned live streaming websites such as Netflix and Hulu. And also many of the owners of the Smart TV need to watch those online streaming services via their TVs. Especially VPN on Samsung Smart TV, by the same way you use to open blocked sites and programs on your computer, you can use VPN on Samsung Smart TV to watch movies and various TV programs like BBC iPlayer

What is a VPN service

VPN “Virtual private network” service helps Internet users to change their IP address; these networks have a list of variety servers of Europe and America. So, the use of VPN on Samsung Smart TV is the best and easiest way to watch Netflix and Hulu freely and safely.

How to use VPN on Samsung Smart TV? What are the requirements for the application of this method?

Of course there is no direct way to use VPN on Samsung Smart TV but you can use the only direct solution to run the VPN service through the DD-WRT router and then connect your Samsung Smart TV to the router.

There are other alternative ways that obviate you of those hard requirements to use of VPN on Samsung Smart TV.

The alternative way to use VPN on Samsung Smart TV

You can create a VPN connection on your Windows and then share this VPN network on your Samsung Smart TV.

Activation steps of VPN on Samsung Smart TV:

First install VPN software on your Windows by following the steps in this link:


Second, go to the Control Panel to set some connection settings, right click on the VPN network and choose Properties, and then click on the sharing tap and check on “Allow other networks users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”.

If you are connected to Wi-Fi, share your VPN network with your Ethernet; choose to share a network connection that you aren’t already using.

Click OK and connect your Samsung Smart TV.

*With these simple steps you can use VPN on Samsung Smart TV easily and securely

There is no doubt that there are a lot of applications and providers of VPN service. So; you must choose the best suitable VPN depending on the area where you live. Netflix live streaming service is only available in North and South America; so many people need to use VPN on Samsung Smart TV. You’ll have to read a lot of various VPN service providers’ reviews before you subscribe on any of them.