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What is HBO Go

HBO Go is one of the most popular online video streaming services in the world. The shows and movies available on it are unmatched. Millions of people around the world would love a chance to be able to stream their shows and movies from anywhere in the world. The subscription service, HBO Go, was launched back in 2010, providing its users with a large variety of shows, documentaries, programs, movies, etc. It is accessible on almost all operating platforms (Windows, Mac. iOS, Android, etc.). Unfortunately it is only available to stream within the United States. This has been an issue before VPNs came into place.

How to Unblock HBO Go Using a VPN

The main issue here with HBO Go is that when you try to access the website while located outside of the US, the website is able to detect that you are not located within the US and will prevent you from access. The below error message will appear.

HBO Error

Here comes the role of the VPN, where instead of connecting through your local ISP server and appearing to the website as located outside their availability location, you get the option to connect to one of the servers operated or owned by the VPN service provider located inside the US (VPN provider must have servers inside the US in order to be able to use it to access HBO Go). This way, when the site tries to track your location, you will appear as if you are inside the US. This is referred to as bypassing of the geo-restriction placed by the website.

About bVPN


Based in the Netherlands, bVPN is one of the most popular VPN providers in the world due to its unmatched security measures and strategically placed worldwide servers. It was launched in 2014 and in a very short while grew to become one of the highest rated providers in the market. The bVPN network includes 8 server locations inside the US which makes it perfect for bypassing the geo-restrictions placed by HBO Go. The security measures include a very unique security protocol designed by bVPN called the Smoke Tunnel which is considered the strongest protocol among VPN providers in bypassing the Great Firewall of China.

How to Access HBO Go using bVPN

Accessing any geo-restricted website inside the US using bVPN is very easy and can be done in a few simple steps, thanks to its extremely user-friendly interface and multiple platform support. In this tutorial we will be using the Windows client, however the application for all platforms is very similar:

1- Go to the bVPN website ( and register for an account by going through their very simple steps.


2- Download the application depending on which platform you are using and choose your preferred language.

3- Sign in in the application.


4- Click on the location button on the top.

5- A list of the servers will appear. Choose one of the 8 locations in the US.


6- Click on connect.


7- Open the HBO Go website and sign in


8- Enjoy the ultimate streaming experience.

Legallity of Unblocking HBO Go

Now many people might ask if this is legal or not. Well, if you are already a paying subscriber with HBO Go, then you would be breaking the terms and conditions of the company itself but no legal laws would be broken. Again we are not talking about right or wrong, we are talking pure legality. However, if you are not a paying subscriber and found a way to override the subscription, in that case it would be considered illegal even if you are using the service within the US. This would be treated in a very similar manner as online theft.


If you are a paying subscriber to HBO Go but currently located outside of the US you should have the right to access the service and use what you have paid for. We don’t quite understand why would sites limit their subscribers like that, even though, it would definitely mean a higher profit to them. Well, that’s not our concern at the moment. Right now, thanks to a great provider like bVPN you can make use of your HBO Go subscription from anywhere in the world and enjoy some quality online streaming time.