Unblock Facetime in Dubai and Saudi Arabia with VPN for iOS

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If you are in Dubai and you want to speak to your family abroad on Facetime we are Sorry to tell you this feature is not available unless you keep reading ….

In case you fail to have face time application on your IOS, this implies that facetime is banned in your place. It is also clearly visible to IPhone users that if you buy a device from any of the countries that has banned the service you will not find facetime preinstalled on your device!!

Applications like Skype, WhatsApp, viber and facetime are restricted in Many Middle east countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman etc. they are indicated as non-authorized VOIP applications.

With lots of questions and workarounds the only working way that allows you to use facetime is using a VPN. It is the best and the basic approach to solve this issue especially in Dubai.

Getting and setting a VPN on your IOS Device will give you an extreme access to Face time or to any other blocked application that you are not able to use.

What is Facetime and what is it used for?

Face time is a free apple program which permits facetime clients to make video calls. It is specially designed for IOS users who live apart and would like to speak to their families and friends who live apart from them.  So whenever they need to chat with their relatives who are somewhere else they utilize this innovation to meet them through cell phone.

How can BVPN help in Using Facetime?

BVPN is one of the unique VPN programs that work very well in the Middle East region. This application covers your IP address and makes you surf freely online. Furthermore, BVPN changes your IP address and permits you to use Facetime as your location changes to a place where facetime is not banned. BVPN connects securely and ensures your protection. And also ensures you to use face time freely with no limitations or disconnections.

But is BVPN free of charge?

unblock facetime

Using free applications might harm your device and also puts your information in danger. BVPN gives you a free voucher for limited time to try the application for 3 days after which you can buy the application and enjoy the unlimited use.  You can redeem the voucher from here:


When you click on redeem voucher you will be taken to an easy registration process where you enter your e-mail and password. Please make sure you don’t enter a fake mail as you get your free voucher on the mail.

After you finish your registration process make sure that you activate your account from the mail sent to you.

Next you sign in

Go to your profile page and scroll down the page to pay with voucher code and enter the code given to you via mail.

To know more about paying with vouchers please visit:


Now you can download the application on your IOS device from the download section or via this direct itunes link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bvpn/id955436453?ls=1&mt=8

After the installation please makes sure you log in your correct id and password to get access.

After choosing your desired server please connect

As soon as the application gets connected you can go to the application and happily enjoy chatting with your family and friends away from all the restrictions and bans or any strict censorship laws.