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2016 hasn’t been a great year for internet freedom worldwide. Report released from Freedom House, U.S based non-governmental organization, on November 14th found that internet freedom worldwide has been deteriorating dramatically since 2010 and most notably during this year.

2016 has witnessed an evident restraint of secure instant texting applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram. Over the course of the current year, WhatsApp has been banned in 12 countries including Turkey, Brazil and Bahrain, not to mention banning WhatsApp and Messenger voice calls in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, Wikileaks has been banned in Turkey and LinkedIn has been banned in Russia among other vital websites. Countries such as China, Iran, Turkey and Russia have been installing cutting-edge internet filtering systems.

And as the grip tightens around internet freedom, VPN providers have been striving to enhance their services with latest technologies in order to live up to their customers’ expectations and acquire new users from the above mentioned countries.

Here are our picks for the top 3 VPN providers in 2016.


Backbone VPN

b.VPN was launched in January 2015 which means it’s fairly new in the market, however the pace at which it has been developing is absolutely admirable. b.VPN’s main mission was to target countries where conventional VPN protocols have stopped working.

In 2016 b.VPN succeeded in developing its own tunneling protocol SMOKE which is customized to beat Deep Packet Inspection systems. SMOKE cloaks OpenVPN connection while it’s being established between your machine and the server. It makes VPN traffic indistinct to DPI firewall; maintaining the connection for the longest duration possible.

SMOKE is available in b.VPN apps for Widnows and Mac and planned to be available in b.VPN app for Android within the next few weeks. Moreover, b.VPN’s network of servers has expanded to cover more geographic than 20 geographic locations.

Other features we loved are:

DNS leak protection

24/7 live chat support

User friendly apps for major platforms

3 DAY Free trial for the full-featured version (no credit card need). Start b.VPN trial HERE

Convenient payment methods (Bitcoin accepted)

Blazing speed servers

Variety of protocols

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited server switching

No logs kept

Get b.VPN for ONLY $3/ mo when choosing annual plan. Offer is valid till 31/12/2016

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VyprVPN is a prominent VPN provider that is most known for having its independent infrastructure meaning that it hosts its own servers and DNS and manages its own hardware which makes it a more reliable and trustworthy service. Additionally, it has its own technology Chameleon that scrambles OpenVPN metadata making it unrecognizable via DPI.

Other great features:

Apps for more platforms such as Router, TV, Blackphone and Anonabox

30 day money back guarantee

Servers about everywhere

NAT firewall that blocks unwanted inflowing traffic



What we loved the most about NordVPN is double data encryption system. Also, NordVPN offers unique TOR over VPN solution which transmits encrypted traffic over TOR network making it extremely difficult to be traced. Both of these features can be used together to ensure maximum security possible.

We also loved:

Automatic kill switch

Extended list of servers

Up to 6 simultaneous VPN connections