Stay Protected Online With AVG’s New VPN From Privax

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Stay Protected Online With AVG's New VPN From Privax


AVG Technologies, one of the world’s leading antivirus solution providers, has bought Privax Ltd., a desktop and mobile firm that is notably known for the world’s most popular VPN service “HideMyAss“.

AVG struck a $60 million deal and will add HideMyAss to its portfolio together with the service’s numerous features, including the VPN’s extensive global network of servers and proprietary desktop and mobile internet encryption software. HideMyAss is a virtual private network provider that enables its users to navigate the internet securely, privately and anonymously from their pcs, mobiles and every other hand device. HideMyAss also offers a free proxy service that allows anybody to hide their original IP address and replace it with a different one to surf the web more securely. Additionally, the service has over 250,000 premium subscribers worldwide.

Why now?

AVG’s acquisition of a VPN services comes in an attempt to provide its users with the best protection and privacy service as it’s clear how this has become a major concern for all kinds of internet users and parents. AVG will bring its VPN feature to all devices, including PCs and mobile phones since mobile security is becoming a trending topic in the cyber security community because people spend more time using their mobile devices than PCs or laptops, especially businessmen. In addition, AVG is aware of the growing number of VPN users whether they use the service for online protection, unblocking banned content in their countries or bypassing geo-restriction policies. Therefore, this deal will reinforce the company’s position in the cyber security market even more because who will say no to a strong VPN service that also comes with a powerful anti-virus, right?

“Privacy is the new currency of the digital era, particularly as the Internet population is expected to double over the next five years. As we connect through more and more devices, our privacy is becoming increasingly violated.

At AVG, we fundamentally believe that it is a user’s choice of how and when to share their private information. With this acquisition, we will immediately be able to provide new and innovative privacy and security services to hundreds of millions of users worldwide.”

” Jack Cater, the founder and CEO of Privax, added that the buyout will help the company reach its goal of becoming the largest and best privacy company worldwide, likewise mentioning that the mission of the personal encryption service HMA! has always been to be the primary resource for people wanting to bypass censorship and use the web in full privacy.”

So, what will become of Privax?

Privax will continue selling its services, but only through AVG’s sales channels in the future. Moreover, Subscribing to the service will be through AVG products and AVG Zen as well.