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After the Australian government’s new 10% tax bill proposal (GST) over digital goods and online streaming services, are you looking for better ways to avoid GST and get Steam in Australia?

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What is Steam?

Before we get into how you can avoid GST and get Steam in Australia, we’ll give a brief digest on the service for those who haven’t heard of it, yet. Steam is a very popular digital game distribution service that holds a massive collection of games for users to buy or gift to friends or family. In recent years, Steam has grown to include not just games, but also desktop software like: photo and video editing as well as animation software programs. But what makes Steam really amazing is its user-friendly purchasing process since all you need to do is register for an account and start shopping and once your purchase is complete, the game is downloaded to your device and is good to go. Moreover, Steam is famous for its massive sales and discounts in which it offers its members bundles on games at impressively cheap prices. Steam is also known for creating a friendly community where gamers can communicate with each other, compete and share their glorious achievements. Steam is packed with insanely awesome features, so if you are game lover, this service is truly the best in the gaming world today.

Sad News for Australians

downloadUnfortunately, with the new GST tax law, avid Steam fans in Australia and New Zealand may not get their games as cheap as other Steam-heads elsewhere. The Australian government has proposed yet another controversial bill, dubbed as the “Netflix Tax” to impose a 10% tax increase on digital goods and online streaming services, such as: Netflix and Steam in order to protect local Australian businesses from their foreign competitors. However, Steam has no competitors in Australia and this will also have a negative effect on Australian citizens rather than foreign corporations. Accordingly, if Steam prices do in fact increase, Australians will have no other local service to turn to,thus, they will rely on less favourable and illegal methods according to their law in order to avoid GST and get Steam in Australia to continue enjoying their services.

“It is plainly unfair that a supplier of digital products in Australia has to charge GST and an off-shore supplier does not.” Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey said, via the ABC. “What we’re doing is going to digital providers overseas and saying ‘can you apply the GST to the products you provide into Australia?’. They are agreeable to it. It’s not their profits [being taxed]. It’s a tax collected and they remit it back to the country where that occurs.

“When the GST legislation was originally drafted, it did not anticipate the massive growth in the supply of digital goods like movie downloads, games and e-books from overseas.”

Although this bill will not take effect until 2017, Australians are already looking for ways to avoid GST and get Steam in Australian without paying extra charges. One of the most sought after solutions to avoid GST and get Steam in Australia along with other GST-charged services is by using a VPN.

In the following section we will explain how you can avoid GST and get Steam in Australia by using a VPN.

Use VPN to Avoid GST and Get Steam in Australia


Fire up a VPN to avoid GST and get Steam in Australia or any other online service or digital product  that will embrace the 10% tax increase and  make your wallet scream. Virtual private networks, or simply referred to as VPNs, are not new to Australian internet users, especially online TV addicts and gamers. While online services, like: Steam, Netflix and others use your IP address to identify your location and accordingly impose a 10% tax on your online TV membership or the products you purchase like: games and e-books, a VPN anonymizes your identity on the internet by masking your real IP address and replacing it with fake IP address from an entirely different location. So, if you live in Australia and would like to purchase Grand Theft Auto V from Steam without paying taxes, using a VPN will hide your location and make it appear as if you’re coming from another location, e.g. New York, USA to avoid GST and get Steam in Australia by tricking the website into cashing out your purchases completely free of any additional taxes or charges. In addition, VPNs encrypt your data through a secure tunnel before sending it out to the internet to protect your sensitive information, such as: username, passwords and credit card details from hackers, identity thieves and other third parties like your government. In this way, you will not only avoid GST and get Steam in Australia or stream your favourite channels online and buy games at cheap prices, but also protect yourself from cyber attacks and maintain your anonymity on the internet whether you’re using a PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, gaming consoles or any other device that requires an internet connection. Click here to view our top reviewed VPN providers which offer supreme quality service, bullet-speed connection, optimal security and value packages guaranteed to help you avoid GST and get Steam in Australia, based on a 6-month evaluation.

How can you hide your IP address with VPN?

Check the video tutorial below to learn how you can hide your IP address by using a VPN.