How to Setup a VPN Connection on Linksys Routers

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About Linksys

Linksys is an international company that specializes in all types of networking products. It mostly targets households and small businesses. It was founded back in 1988 and was originally named DEW International. It wasn’t until later when it was changed to Linksys. Today, Linksys produces one of the best wireless routers available in the market. However, having a good router is not enough to secure your online activities even if you are connected to a wireless router at home. This is where a acquiring a Virtual Private Network or VPN. Now the good thing about some of the high end VPNs is that you can setup the connection directly on the router hence securing all devices connected to that router. Today we will show you a step-by-step tutorial on how you can setup a VPN connection on your Linksys router.

Setting Up VPN on Linksys Router

In the following tutorial, we will explain to you how you can easily configure a VPN connection on your Linksys router in just a few simple steps.

1- In order to setup the VPN connection you have to first setup the connection to the VPN server. All you need to do is open your browser and enter the address to the setup page of the router (usually it’s but if that does not work you can refer to the manual to get the Default Gateway Address). In addition to that you would need to set your network connection settings to obtain the IP address automatically once you connect to a router through Ethernet.

2- Once you access the setup page, click on “Connectivity” which you will find on the left under “Router Settings”.

3- In the “Connectivity” page click on the tab on the top labeled “Internet Settings”.

4- Next to “Type of Internet Connection Setting” click on “Edit”.

5- Click to open the drop down menu labeled “Connection Type” and choose “PPTP/L2TP”.

Note: At this point your IP address will change but the information transmitted won’t be encrypted yet since the connection is not using IPSec.

6- Click on the checkbox labeled “Obtain an IPv4 address automatically (DHCP)”.

7- In the “Server IPv4 Address” field, enter the IP address of the VPN server you want to connect to (This can be found in your profile section on your VPN provider’s website).

8- Enter your VPN credentials that you used to register for the VPN account in the “Username” and “Password” fields.

9- Save these changes by clicking on “Apply”.

10- On the top of the page click on the tab labeled “Local Network”.

11- In the “Static DNS 1” and “Static DNS 2” fields, enter the Google Public DNS or other Open DNS addresses.

12- Click on “Apply”.

13- Switch off the router for at least 10 seconds and then switch it back on.

Once the is turned on and the internet connection is reestablished, it will be completely secured with the VPN features that you are connected to and also any device that connects your Linksys router will also be secured by this VPN connection.