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In this guide, we will show you how to easily setup SSTP VPN connection on Linux Mint through simple steps. Scroll down for more details.

Getting Things Ready

Before creating a new SSTP VPN connection on your Linux Mint, first you will need to set things up:

1- You need an internet connection that works properly.

2- Make sure that your you have a supported device.

3- Make sure that your VPN service subscription is active (e.g: bVPN).

4- Download and run the packages required for configuring SSTP on Linux Mint OS:

**Go to:

and download following packages according to  your OS / bit.

*For Ubuntu 32bit, download:





*For Ubuntu 64bit, download:





Setting Up SSTP VPN on Linux Mint (Manually)

Follow the steps below in order to successfully create a new SSTP VPN connection on your Linux Mint operating system:

1- Click on the “Network Manager” icon.

2- Next, click on the “+” sign.

3- After that, click on “Create”.

4- Next, you need to choose “Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)”, and then click on “Create”.

5- Type in a name for your VPN connection in the “Connection Name” field (e.g: bVPN).

6- In the “Gateway” field, type in the IP address of the server you want to connect to.

7- In the “Username” field, type in your VPN username.

8- In the “Password” field, type in your VPN password.

9- Click on the “Advanced” button.

10- Uncheck the “Use Point-to-Point encryption (MPPE)” option.

11- Check the “Send PPP echo packets” option.

12- Click on “OK”.

13- Click “Save” so that your hard work is not wasted.

14- Go to your VPN connection, and then try connecting to it.

Congratulations! You have successfully created an SSTP VPN connection on Linux Mint. Good job!