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A Brief Digest on Asus

Named as one of the most admired brand by Fortune magazine, Asus is a leading and an award-winning global electronics and computer hardware brand that offers a myriad of devices needed for daily use, such as: routers, laptops, smartphones, etc. Asus has branches all over the world and over 17,000 employees.

What is L2TP/IPsec

L2TP is one of the most commonly used tunneling protocols. It is the combination between Cisco’s L2F and Microsoft’s PPTP. L2TP does not operate on its own. It is usually paired with IPsec to provide a more secure VPN connection. L2TP uses AES-256 bit keys or 3DES encryption algorithm and is considered more secure than PPTP. It also uses uses UDP port 500, 1701 and 4500 for initial key exchange, configuration and NAT. You need to put in mind that L2TP/IPsec is indeed safe, but it can also be detected by stubborn firewall, such as those used in China, Russia and Iran.

In this article, we will help you set up L2TP on your Asus router. In addition, you should be aware that this will not encrypt your connection since L2TP needs to coin with PPTP to encrypt it. This process will only help you change your IP address.

I) Connecting to Your Asus Router

Before starting to configure L2TP protocol on your Asus router, you need to first connect to it. This can be done by going to If you are unable to access this page, check your router’s manual to obtain the default gateway.

II) Setting Up L2TP VPN

2- From the “Advanced Settings” panel on the left, click on “VPN”.

3- After opening the “VPN” window, click on “VPN Client” tab.

4- From there, select “Add Profile”.

5- Choose “L2TP”, and then insert the details required to configure the settings of your VPN connection:

- Description: give a name to your connection.

- VPN Server: add in your VPN server’s IP address which you want to connect to.

- Username: type in your VPN username.

- Password: type in your VPN password.

5- Click on “OK” to save the settings you have made.

6-  Finally, click on “Activate” to launch your L2TP VPN connection.