How to Prevent Mcafee from Blocking Your VPN

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How to Allow VPN through Mcafee Firewall (1st Method)

Follow these steps in order to stop Mcafee from blocking your VPN connection on Windows:

1- Navigate to the notification bar, and then right-click on Mcafee icon.

2- Select “Advanced Menu” to open the Mcafee Security Centre window.

3- From the Mcafee Security Centre window, head over to the left side panel, and then click on “Configure” followed by a click on “Internet & Network“.

4- Next, click on the  “Advanced” button, and then choose “Trusted and Banned IPs

5- Click on  “Add” from the left side panel.

5- Next, insert the server IP address,  and then type in a name for your connection in the “Description” field.

6- Click on the “OK” button.

7- Close the Mcafee Security Centre Window, and then connect to your VPN.

You should now be able to connect to your VPN just as normal.

How to Allow VPN through Mcafee Firewall (2nd Method)

This is another workaround to allow any program through Mcafee firewall and prevent the antivirus from blocking your VPN connection. Just follow these simple steps:

1- Head over to the Mcafee icon in the notifications tray, and then right-click on it to select “Change Settings”.

2- Next, click on “Firewall”.

3- From “Firewall”, choose  “Internet Connections for Programs”.

4- Choose your VPN program (e.g: bVPN), and then choose “Edit” in order to give it access. If you can find your VPN program in the list, then hit the “Add” button and browse until you find it.

5- From the “Access” section, choose “Incoming and outgoing” in order to permit incoming traffic as well as outgoing traffic to the app. If you choose “Outgoing Only”, you will give access to outbound traffic only.

6- Choose Use designated ports” from the dropdown menu to work with most apps. You have also two other options: “Open ports to Home and Work networks”, or “Open to all devices”.

7- Click on “Save”.