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Opera Software, the Norwegian company behind the successfully popular mobile browser “Opera Mini”, has launched today another smashing service called Opera Max that offers maximum data compression on Wi-fi. The company is already famous for its long successful data compression techniques to help users make the most out of their mobile browsing with minimal amount of data. The new Opera Max update takes it to a whole new level.

What’s so special about Opera Max?


If you have been facing hard times using your mobile browser on lousy public wifi hotspots, the new Opera Max update compresses Android app data even when you’re on Wifi to save bandwidth, boost connection speed and help you save money as well. According to Opera:

“When you sign on to the public Wi-Fi hotspot at the airport or your local café and find yourself competing with 150 other people, you’ve probably experienced that the connection is as slow as a turtle. This is when Opera Max can help you. Just activate the Wi-Fi Savings setting and Opera Max will get to work, compressing the data needed to run apps.”

In addition, the new Opera Max acts as a VPN to route all traffic to Opera’s servers from all browsers and web-based apps installed on your Android device saving up to 50% of data to giver faster loading times with small data bills.

Take Control Over Your Apps

Screenshot_2015-05-19-14-41-18_w_300The new Opera Max update also comes with an new “App Blocking” feature that helps Android users to have full control over their data and wifi access by monitoring data used by each application and showing users a history of the data used by those apps, even on Wifi. Users can also prevent apps from tracking them or using their data without permission.

“Opera Max will show you a breakdown of exactly which apps are affecting your device the most. From there, you have the power to control which apps you want running on your mobile network, or Wi-Fi only, or not at all! Also, with the new “Blocked apps” section , you can easily see which apps are the main culprits and block them, whenever you want, at the tap of your screen.”

This feature also allows users to block any app from accessing the internet and using their mobile data without any permission giving them the benefit of saving more mobile packet data bills. However, Opera Max has no control over apps that use HTTPS connections (with the exception to Instagram and What’sApp), meaning that it won’t be able to monitor or compress data traffic from those apps. Opera Max can only control unencrypted apps, such as: text, images and videos.

Sleek Interface

Opera Max has a new hot looking Material Design interface with a better responsive navigation pattern that perfectly suits the new Android versions to make Android users feel more comfortable.