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Have you been experiencing problems with speed on Firefox browser and so fed up with waiting for longer moments for web pages to load? This is mostly due to a lot of tracking bugs which slow down your browser’s loading speed. Recently, Mozilla has found a way to speed up its Firefox and make web pages load 44% faster through its Tracking Protection feature.

How Can Tracking Protection Speed Up Firefox?

Regardless to how much you care about web browsing protection or if you aren’t bothers about tracking cookies and other forms of data snooping, Firefox’s Tracking Protection offers you browsing speed up to 44% faster than your regular loading speed together with safe web browsing.

Former Mozilla software engineer Monica Chew and Computer Science researcher Georgios Kontaxis have recently published a research paper after observing the performance of top 200 different news websites while tracking protection was turned on. The two scientists discovered 67.5% reduction in the number of HTTP cookies set, 39% reduction in data usage and 44% faster loading speed.

“We present Tracking Protection in the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Tracking Protection is a new privacy technology to mitigate invasive tracking of users’ online activity by blocking requests to tracking domains. We evaluate our approach and demonstrate a 67.5% reduction in the number of HTTP cookies set during a crawl of the Alexa top 200 news sites. Since Firefox does not download and render content from tracking domains, Tracking Protection also enjoys performance benefits of a 44% median reduction in page load time and 39% reduction in data usage in the Alexa top 200 news sites.” ~ The duo wrote in their research paper.

Tracking Protection was developed mainly to protect Firefox users from online tracking and offer them a more secure and a private environment online. It obviously has more to it, including boosting the loading speed of web pages.

Chew added in her paper that advertising in websites also is a huge setback for pages to load faster. She writes, “It merely externalizes the costs in a way that incentivizes malicious or incompetent players to build things like Superfish, infect 1 in 20 machines with ad injection malware, and create sites that require unsafe plugins and take twice as many resources to load, quite expensive in terms of bandwidth, power, and stability.”

How to Enable Tracking Protection in Firefox?

In order to turn on Tracking Protection and speed up your browser’s speed, just follow the steps below:

1- Type in ” about:config ” in the location bar, then press enter.

2- A warning message will then appear about possibly voiding your warranty. Click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!” in order to continue.

3- Next, search for privacy.trackingprotection.enabled.

4- Double-click so that the value is changed to “true”.