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What is Wifi+?

Wifi+ is a feature built in the latest version of the popular smartphones operating system, Android. When enabled, it allows the phone to compare between the strength of the Wifi network available and the mobile data network and automatically either switch on or off the Wifi. In other words, if the mobile data network is stronger than the Wifi network, the phone will automatically switch off the Wifi and connect to the mobile data network. In addition to that, if the Wifi+ is enabled it automatically switches on your Wifi in the phone if a known Wifi network is detected. For example, if you have Wifi+ enabled in your phone and enter an area where there is a public Wifi hotspot, your phone will automatically switch on the Wifi to connect to the Wifi network. Last but not least, Wifi+ evaluates all available Wifi networks and temporarily suspends auto-connect to avoid your phone connecting to a Wifi network that is not connected to the internet. There is a similar feature in the latest versions of iPhone called Wifi Assist.


Advantages of Using Wifi+

The main advantage of using Wifi+ is that it ensures that your phone will always be connected to the internet, whether if its through the mobile data network or through a reliable Wifi network. If for any reason the Wifi network or connection drops, your internet session will not be interrupted until a stable, strong, and reliable Wifi network is in range again.


Disadvantages of Using Wifi+

The problem with using Wifi+ is that if your Wifi network weakens or drops temporarily for any reason your phone will switch to mobile data without your prior consent, which will cause your mobile data bundle to be overused hence increasing your mobile data bill with no way of controlling when your phone uses mobile data and when it uses Wifi. The only way to control this is by disabling Wifi+ from your phone settings


How to Enable/Disable Wifi+ on your Android Phone

1- From the main screen, tap on “Settings


2- From the “Settings” page, tap on “Wi-Fi


3- From the “Wi-Fi” section and under the button responsible for switching the Wifi on or off, tap on “Wi-Fi+


4- Tap to turn on or off the button labeled “Wi-Fi+” to enable or disable “Wi-Fi+



If you prefer that your phone to be continuously connected to the internet regardless of its impact on the cost or the usage of the mobile data bundle, then it is recommended to keep this feature enabled. However if you would prefer to be in control of how you are connected to the internet and when your phone relies on a Wifi connection or a mobile data network connection, then we would recommend you keep this feature disabled.