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Mullvad VPN is a small VPN service provider that is based in Sweden. Ever since its launch in 2008, Mullvad has been focusing on improving its services to provide its subscribers with privacy, security and anonymity whenever they are connected to the internet. Mullvad is known for its stand against internet censorship and surveillance. Our review is based on testing Mullvad free service.

Price Plans

We have reviewed many VPN providers, but Mullvad is the first VPN service we have reviewed to offer only 1 price plan. It costs 5 euros a month and provides users will full access to all Mullvad’s features. It would be much more efficient if more price plans are introduced to give users more options to meet their needs.


Payment Options

Mullvad VPN accepts both regular and anonymous payments, including: Cash, Bitcoin, Paypal, bank wire as well as Swish. It is also recommended to use anonymous payments for better security and anonymity.

Free VPN Trial and Money-Back Guarantee

Mullvad VPN gives its users a free trial for 3 days to test the service before deciding on making a purchase. Users will have full access to all the features provided by Mullvad, so we suggest that you test the VPN’s connection speed and stability by streaming media for long periods of time because sadly, the company does not offer any money-back guarantee.

Privacy Policy

As previously explained, Mullvad is a vigilant VPN provider. The company strongly believes in the internet user’s right to an open internet that guarantees freedom, security, privacy and anonymity. No wonder that they follow a strict no logging policy, which means that all browsing activities of any user are completely private and not monitored or recorded. It is clearly stated on their website that they do not keep logs, nor do they disclose a user’s information to any third party.

“We keep no activity logs, do not ask for personal information, and even encourage anonymous payments via Bitcoin and cash. Your IP address is replaced by one of ours, ensuring that your device’s activity and location are not linked to you.”

Mullvad Features

In this section, we will explore all the features provided by Mullvad VPN, including: security, encryption protocols, bandwidth, servers, compatibility and more.

Encryption & Security

Mullvad VPN relies on very strong 256-bit Blowfish and 4096-bit RSA encryption to support OpenVPN as well as Wireguard encryption protocols. In addition, the company uses DHE to up-heave their security levels for their VPN servers. Mullvad does not stop there, the VPN software client comes with a kill switch and a DNS leak protection to ensure that the user’s internet connection is protected and encrypted at all times, even during connection drop outs.

“When you connect to the internet with Mullvad, we ensure that the traffic to and from your computer is encrypted to the highest standards – even if you are using a public WiFi network at a cafe or hotel. Evade hackers and trackers.”

Servers and Bandwidth

Although it has a small number of servers (a total of 82 servers), but Mullvad VPN has cleverly placed those servers across 20 major locations, including: UK, US, DENMARK, CANADA, SPAIN, SWEDEN, GERMANY, SINGAPORE, FRANCE and more. In this way, users will be able to bypass geo-restrictions and unblock any restricted web content, such as: Netflix.


The VPN software client is compatible with all major platforms, like: Linux, MacOS X, Android and Windows. It can be used on a wide range of devices, including, smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, etc.

Other Features

For a small company, Mullvad VPN is impressively packed to the grills with a wide range of excellent features, like:

1- Mullvad runs its own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

2- The company also owns its servers.

3- It supports IPv6 and also comes with an IPv6 leak protection.

4- Obfsproxy is also supported by Mullvad.

5- Protection from DNS leaks.

6- Kill switch.

7- Protection from IPv6 over IPv4 “Teredo“.

8- Port forwarding feature.

10 – DHE is used with OpenVPN servers.


The only way to reach Mullvad support team is by sending them an e-mail. We would have been happy if they offered live chat service 24/7. Meanwhile, there is a very comprehensive F.A.Q section together with a news page and a blog for self-assistance and to catch up with all that is new with Mullvad.

To Wrap It Up

Mullvad is a VPN provider that is definitely worth trying. We admire their devotion to provide users with stern encryption levels to make sure that they are safe whenever they surf the web. In addition, it comes with a myriad of essential features to maintain a solid performance and optimal security online. We were not impressed by their price plan since they only offer 1 price plan. Moreover, we hope that they introduce live chat service to their customer support.