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The High Court has ruled in favour of the Publishers Association and ordered the UK’s biggest internet service providers (BT, Sky, EE, TalkTalk, Updata, Virgin Media) to block major “pirate” ebook websites within 10 days, including: AvaxHome, Bookfi, Bookre Ebookee, Freebookspot, Freshwap, LibGen, and restrict UK residents from any having access to those websites from the UK.

“Between them the sites purport to hold around 10,000,000 eBook titles and have been making substantial sums of money, primarily through referral fees and advertising,” the Publishers Association says. “None of this money has been going back to either the publisher or the author(s) of the works.”

According to the PA, these websites hold a massive bibliographical collection with more than 10 million titles in which 80% of them violate copyright laws. Moreover, the PA has sent over 1 million takedown warnings to those pirate websites and contacted Google to remove 1.75 million related URLs from its search results.

“We are very pleased that the High Court has granted this order and, in doing so, recognizes the damage being inflicted on UK publishers and authors by these infringing websites,” says Richard Mollet, Chief Executive of The PA.

Recently, the same ISPs were ordered to block any access to over 120 domains, mostly music and movies streaming services due to copyright infringement, including websites that stream Popcorn Time pirated videos. However, the war on free ebook websites is considered the first of its kind in the UK. Luckily to all UK readaholics, it is still possible to unblock ebook websites in the UK without being detected by your ISPs by using VPNs.

Use VPN to Unblock Ebook Websites in the UK

unblock ebook websitesVirtual private networks (VPNs) are considered to be the best and safest encryption and geo-unblocking tools to unblock ebook websites in the UK. A VPN operates by cloaking your real UK IP address and changing it to an entirely different one which you can select from your VPN provider’s global network of servers, e.g: USA, in order to trick ISPs in the UK into thinking that you’re browsing from the US and therefore, you can unblock ebook websites in the UK or any other website that is banned in the country.

In addition, by changing your real geographical location, you become completely off grid and anonymous to all ISPs in the world. This means that your online activities can not be monitored or traced by the government or any other third party. Furthermore, VPN encrypts your data traffic before it is sent out on the internet, hence, giving you full data protection and optimal security against cyber criminals and data snoopers like: hackers and identity thieves. So you can unblock ebook websites, browse the web in complete security and anonymity, carry out financial transactions as well as obtain infinite access to all restricted websites and services in the UK without having to worry about copyright violations or the internet police.

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