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Beware The Russian Bear

bear-321691This is without any doubt one tough year for internet users and website operators in Russia as the war on the free flow of information on the internet is becoming more and more menacing to long idolized notions such as, free speech and democracy in Russia. Russia has been witnessing several sinister laws since last year reinforcing internet censorship and imposing harsh legal penalties against Russian web users who don’t comply with these freedom-crushing laws, which are allegedly endorsed as counter-terrorism laws to protect civilian lives and serve the greater good of mother Russia. New internet censorship laws such as the notorious “law on bloggers” (which we have previously discussed in this article) and the threat to ban Google and social networks like Facebook and Twitter, Russian web surfers cannot express their opinion freely, share social or political information, post memes of famous political figures, access numerous websites or operate their businesses without registering with the government or keeping authorities informed about every step taken on the internet.

As a result, hundreds of thousands of internet users in Russia who value their online privacy have turned to using virtual private networks, VPNs, in order to make the best out of their internet securely and anonymously without being tracked by Russian authorities. But this isn’t the only reason why Russians seek the help of VPNs to browse the internet.

Features and Benefits of Russia VPN

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While Russia VPN is the ideal tool for Russian users to fulfill their need to navigate the internet anonymously and bypass censorship to unblock restricted web content and stream video services, like: Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now and others, there are few more serious reasons why Russia VPN is widely used in Russia. For example, Russia is notoriously known for beehiving cyber criminal activities. A DDoS attack is an active business that costs 10$ per hour. In addition, internet spamming and hacking is outrageously active in Russia in which spammers and hackers are always targeting emails, forum and social media accounts as well as bank accounts and stealing credit card information.

Russia VPN is considered to be among to the best ways to unblock websites and stay protected online whether you live in or are travelling to Russia  because of its stable network of servers that runs across the US and Europe as well as unlimited access to all servers at any time and switching freely between servers. In addition, Russia VPN features simultaneous connections in which it can be used on two different devices at the same time with one VPN account. More importantly, Russia VPN uses advanced VPN protocols depending  mostly on two highly encrypted developed VPN protocols: L2TP and OpenVPN. Unlike many cheap VPN services out there that use PPTP protocol only which is not secure enough, unstable and is detected by ISPs nowadays, Russia VPN uses double encryption protocols that enable you to bypass internet filtering and unblock websites without being detected. By using OpenVPN over SSH tunnelling, Russia VPN adds an additional layer of protection to your VPN connection in order to securely slip through top-level internet filtering systems, like: Deep Packet Inspection. Not only that, but Russia VPN boasts about using a user-friendly OpenVPN over SSH tunnel software that allows the user to use this feature with a single click without going through the regular string of complex instructions offered by other services. What’s more, one of the most important features of Russia VPN is that it provides easy-to-use apps for all operating systems and are also compatible on computers and hand devices. Finally, Russia VPN offers its users a variety of payment options and immediate activation. You can choose between more than 7 secure payment methods and once the transaction is done, you can immediately start using the service.

Don’t rush in they’re not ripping you off. Before deciding to purchase Russia VPN, you can grab their daily free trial without the need for singing up. Just download the app on your computer and connect.