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FinchVPN is a a Malaysian-based VPN service provider that is very cheap and provides basic, but stern VPN services. The team behind FinchVPN firmly believes in the individual’s right to a free, private and secure internet environment and they state it clearly on their website. Their mission is to assist netizens in encrypting their personal data, anonymising their identity online and bypassing geo-restrictions as well as internet censorship to unblock any web content.

In this review, we will uncover every nook and cranny about FinchVPN. Scroll down for more details.


Finchvpn comes in 3 packages including a free VPN plan. The other two are paid subscriptions are suitable for light and heavy internet users:

FinchVPN Pro Plan:

*Costs $1.62 per month

*Limited bandwidth (25GB per month)

*Encryption protocols include: OpenVPN & PPTP

*Port forwarding

*Customer support include: Live chat, e-mail, ticketing

FinchVPN Premium Plan:

*Costs $3.21 per month

*Unlimited bandwidth

*Encryption protocols include: OpenVPN & PPTP

*Port forwarding

*Remote Support

*Customer support include: Live chat, e-mail, ticketing

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Payment Methods

One of the things that makes FinchVPN stand out among many VPN service provider we have previously reviewed is that it offers a vast range of payment options, including both anonymous and regular payments. FinchVPN accepts payments through more than 80 different channels, such as: Bitcoin, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Bank transfers, SMS,  and many more.

Subscribers can pay on weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually basis without being locked into any contracts. This means that you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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Free Trial & Refund Policy

FinchVPN offers a free limited VPN plan for users who are interested to test and evaluate the service before deciding to make a purchase. The free plan offers its users 3GB per month. However, on the downside, downloading or media streaming is restricted with the free plan. Encryption protocols, such as: OpenVPN and PPTP are also included. Though it comes with a lot of restrictions and limited bandwidth, we still find the free plan a decent offer to test the service.

As for refunds, FinchVPN does not offer any money-back guarantee, and they are quite strict about it since they already offer a free plan through which you can try their services out.

” All sales are final. All FinchVPN sales are intangible goods that are digitally delivered, we therefore have a strict no refund policy. In line with our commitment to customer satisfaction, we do provide free service for customer to “Try Before You Buy.” If there is a problem with any of our services or if you experience difficulty of any sort, simply report to us and we will do our best to fix the problem.”


We recommend to thoroughly read FinchVPN’s privacy policy page as we have found it very transparent and veritably informative. The fact that FinchVPN is located in Malaysia, gives it the advantage of not being subjected to any US or EU jurisdictions, nor does it comply with any data retention laws. Though they do not collect traffic logs, some metadata are kept as records for billing and maintenance purposes, such as: username, password, IP address, bandwidth and timestamps.

“FinchVPN does NOT throttle, rate-limit, monitor, record, or store the content of a customer’s Internet activities. We do not store web traffic data, including websites visited, files downloaded, etc.”

FinchVPN Features

In this section, we will go through the different features provided by FinchVPN.


FinchVPN relies mainly on the standard AES 160-bit OpenVPN when it comes to encryption which is considered one of the best and most secure encryption protocols. It also offers PPTP for devices that are not compatible with OpenVPN. Unfortunately, L2TP/IPsec is not supported, however, OpenVPN is much more secure even though it might not be as fast as L2TP.

Servers & Bandwidth

FinchVPN has a decent network of servers, a total of 38 servers branched across 18 countries, including: USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, GERMANY, FRANCE, JAPAN, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, RUSSIA, SWEDEN, SOUTH AFRICA, and more. Users can switch between servers without any restrictions whatsoever.

As for bandwidth, only premium users get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth. As for pro and free users, their data bundle is limited to 25GB and 3GB per month, respectively.



FinchVPN is compatible with major platforms, such as: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS. This makes it compatible with multiple devices, including: desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.


Customer Support

One of the good things about FinchVPN is that they are customer-oriented. They not only make everything related to VPN seems easy, but they also provide various support methods, such as: live chat, e-mail, tickets. A detailed F.A.Q section is also included in their website. Moreover, there is a comprehensive setup guide section available for self-assistance.


In spite of being small, basic and simple, FinchVPN has got good potential. We would suggest this VPN for users who are looking for a cheap VPN that provides stern encryption and fulfills basic VPN needs.