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Posted June 24 2017 By admin

1 (1) Burma has recently been developing very slowly technologically and economically. Even though it is considered a very popular destination for tourists, yet it is not considered a free country at all when it comes to its internet or freedom of speech.
Posted June 23 2017 By admin

iphone-logo iPhone is the brand of mobile phones by Apple inc. The first generation of the iPhone was launched in 2007 and they run the iOS mobile phones operating systems. Ever since it was launched it has released 11 generations.
Posted June 22 2017 By admin

yemen-flag-wallpaper-mixhd-wallpapers The internet situation in Yemen, regarding online surveillance and online censorship, is very similar to, if not worse than, that of its neighboring Arab countries. The government possesses a high level of online censorship for both political and religious reasons.
Posted June 21 2017 By admin

Colombia Flag 590x332 Colombia is considered a tough online challenge since it has got both online censorship and online surveillance. The government blocks both illegal content such as child pornography and politically opposing contents (lack of freedom of speech). Colombia is also known to have very poor online privacy laws
Posted June 21 2017 By admin

Best-VPN-for-Canada Canada, in general, does not have any online censorship issues but, like most countries around the world, internet users face an online privacy issue with government online surveillance. With the rising number of terrorist attacks all over the world, Canada took a similar response as in most countries around the world.
Posted June 20 2017 By admin

000556122-cuba-libertad Cuba is known to have a very low internet penetration rate, yet it has numerous internet issues and risks which face the small number of residents that actually have access to the internet. First of all, there is a very high rate of online censorship by the government for the same common reasons which are political.
Posted June 20 2017 By admin

Jordan-1 Even though Jordan is not considered one of the highest countries in the world with online censorship or online surveillance, yet there is still several contents online that are being blocked every day for political reasons. In other words, any content or website that posts views opposing that of the government is blocked immediately.
Posted June 19 2017 By admin

unblock-websites-Pakistan In August 2016 in Pakistan, a bill came into law referred to as "Prevention of Electronic Crimes" bill. This law gives authorities in Pakistan the right to perform a complete surveillance on all internet users and also detain any internet user that remotely tries to access any restricted websites.
Posted June 17 2017 By admin

best-vpn-for-mac-1 Mac (originally known as Macintosh) is a popular operating system that was initially designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. The first Mac computer was created back in 1984. Today it is considered, among internet users, one of the most secure operating systems.
Posted June 17 2017 By admin

best-vpns-for-dubai-696x400 Dubai, UAE is considered one of the most beautiful and touristic cities in the world. Millions of foreigners visit it every year from all over the world, millions of foreigners have moved to work and live there, and countless people from around the world dream to either visit it or live and work there.