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Cuba is known to have a very low internet penetration rate, yet it has numerous internet issues and risks which face the small number of residents that actually have access to the internet. First of all, there is a very high rate of online censorship by the government for the same common reasons which are political. In other words, Cuba does not support freedom of speech by any means and is rated one of the worst in the world when it comes to this point. As we all know, with a high rate of online censorship comes a high level of online surveillance by the government. The government in Cuba monitors all internet activities very tightly in order to track any user who tries to access anything, considered by the government, illegal (In this case any online content that politically opposes the government).

According to these circumstances, internet users in Cuba are at risk all the time. Even if they are not doing anything wrong, it still is extremely inconvenient to always feel like they are being watched. This is why it is crucial that they start taking actions to protect the least of their rights which is their online privacy, security, and freedom. The best solution in this case is using a strong VPN with advantages in specific features. These features are the ones related to the online privacy and freedom and the ones related to the online security.

Online Privacy and Freedom

A VPN service provides its users with online privacy and freedom mainly through its network of servers. The VPN service provider allows its users to connect to any of its servers outside of the location with the restrictions (in this case, outside of Cuba) and hence bypassing the restrictions placed by the local ISP (online freedom). Once the connection is established the VPN server replaces the users’ true IP with a generated shared IP which hides their true online identity. In addition to that, the reliable VPN providers have strict policies which keep them from recording or keeping logs of the users’ online activities (online privacy).

Online Security

Online security is provided by the VPN service through 2 points; firstly the level of encryption used to secure the network of servers, which in some VPN providers can reach a military grade level. The second point is the security protocols supported by the VPN service, which varies between different VPN providers.

The next point we focus on when choosing a suitable VPN for Cuba is the additional features provided by the VPN service and these also differ from one service provider to the other. According to all these points, we can distinguish between different VPNs and filter out the most suitable VPN for Cuba. This is what we did and accordingly we have selected our top 3 VPN recommendations for Cuba.

Best VPNs for Cuba



When we mention a powerful secure VPN provider, the name BVPN always comes to mind. Its advanced and innovative features are unmatched in the VPN market. The Netherlands based provider was launched in 2014 and in a matter of a very few years expanded and grew to compete with the big names in the industry. For this reason and more it was recommended as a reliable solution in several locations and challenges around the world and is being highly recommended for Cuba.

Level of Security

  • A military grade 256-bit encryption is used to secure the entire BVPN network
  • Multiple advanced and unique security protocols supported (OpenVPN with TCP/UDP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, SSH, and its very own Smoke Tunnel)
  • Additional security features include Internet Kill Switch, IPv6 Leak Protection, and Public Wi-Fi Protetion

Network of Servers

  • The network consists of more than 20 strategically placed worldwide server locations
  • Continuous expansions and upgrades are being made to the network
  • This network provides the users with countless shared IP’s

Additional Features

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited server locations
  • Up to 6 simultaneous connections
  • No logs kept
  • 7-day money back guarantee



ExpressVPN started operating from the British Virgin Islands back in 2009 and grew to be one of the biggest names in the VPN market today. This is due to several reasons and advantages but mainly due to its commitment to protecting its users’ online security, online privacy, and online freedom. This is why it has been recommended for most of the toughest online challenges around the world and also why it is recommended for Cuba.

Level of Security

  • Network is SSL secured with a 256-bit encryption
  • Multiple security protocols supported (OpenVPN with UDP/TCP, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and SSTP)
  • An additional security feature is the Network Lock Kill Switch

Network of Servers

  • More than 1000 servers in 141 cities, spread across 94 countries around the world
  • This large network is able to provide the users with a countless number of shared IP’s

Additional Features

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited server switching
  • Up to 3 simultaneous connections
  • Zero-logging of online traffic
  • 30-day money back guarantee



PureVPN is a Hong Kong based provider that officially started operating back in 2007 with as little as 2 server locations and over time kept expanding and moving up the ranks among VPN providers. Today it is considered one of the trustworthy names in the field of online security, privacy, and freedom. It has proved its name and well-deserved reputation in every single challenge that came its way and did not show any weakness when it came to the online situation in Cuba.

Level of Security

  • Network is secured with a 256-bit encryption
  • Multiple advanced security protocols supported (OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, IKEv2, and its own Stealth Protocol)
  • Additional security features include Automatic Protocol Selection, Wi-Fi Security, Internet Kill Switch, NAT Firewall, IPv6 and DNS Leak Protection, and DDoS Protection

Network of Servers

  • Over 750 servers in 141 countries around the world
  • The network provides the users with more than 88,000 shared IP’s and the availability of acquiring a dedicated IP

Additional Features

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited server switching
  • Up to 5 simultaneous connections
  • Split Tunneling
  • No logs kept
  • 7-day money back guarantee


Even though the percentage of internet users per population in Cuba has increased greatly in the past few years, yet with this online censorship and online surveillance increased. Cuba is considered one of the internet black holes in that freedom of speech is being strongly fought by the government. This is why a strong VPN is crucially needed in Cuba for all internet users in order to be able to enjoy complete freedom while browsing the internet and at the same time protect their online privacy and security while doing so. There are a lot of VPN names in the market today, however not any VPN can do the job in Cuba. This is why it is recommended to use one of the above VPNs for both Cuba residents or anyone who is travelling to Cuba temporarily.