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With its offices in Malaysia and Hong Kong, BolehVPN has been around since 2007 which makes it one of the oldest VPN providers in the market. The VPN company has maintained a solid reputation for providing internet users with reliable VPN services in terms of security, privacy and anonymity. In this review, we will dissect all the features offered by BolehVPN based on testing their free VPN trial.


BolehVPN provides users with a single package with full access to all the VPN’s features starting at $9.99 monthly. A 7-day trial is also offered for $3.70. Meanwhile, users have several subscription options, such as: 2 months for $16.99, 6 months for $44.99 and 1 year for $79.99.


Payment Options

BolehVPN accepts regular payments with credit cards, however, it depends mainly on anonymous payments which is wonderful because anonymous payment options provide more security and anonymity since they do not require a user’s personal details, like: name, real address, birth date and card details. Payment options accepted at BolehVPN include: Bitcoin, Monero, Dash, Zcoins and Zcash.

Free Trial and Money-back Guarantee

Users can enjoy a free full access to BolehVPN’s features for 1 day. We suggest to take advantage of this free one-day trial to test the service fully because the company does not provide any money-back guarantee, nor do they offer a refund.



BolehVPN has one of the most transparent privacy policies we have come across so far. It is very obvious that the company is vigorously keen on protecting a user’s right to online privacy and security on the internet especially that they are based in a strategic location that is far away from the Five Eyes alliance’s retention laws and surveillance. The company follows a strict no logging policy; they do not keep any records of traffic logs, real IP addresses, VPN session duration or time stamps.

In addition, every month BolehVPN publishes its “Canary Warrant” to keep their subscribers updated if they fall under any jurisdictions to strengthen the bond between the company and its clients. Here is an excerpt of what is advertised on their website:

“Being a company operating outside of the jurisdiction FVEY countries, we have no obligation to keep any user activity logs nor do we track your internet usage.
To further protect our users against secret government subpoenas to hand over customer information, we publish a monthly warrant canary.”

Server Locations and Bandwidth

Although the company has a small number of servers, 35 servers in total, those servers are strategically spread across 13 important locations; including: USA, CANADA, UK, JAPAN, FRANCE, MALAYSIA, GERMANY, LUXEMBOURG, SWITZERLAND, NETHERLANDS, SWEDEN, and more.  In this way, BolehVPN users will be able to access any blocked web content and bypass geo-restrictions without limits (e.g: Netflix, Sky Sports, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, etc.).

Users can also enjoy bandwidth without any limits or restrictions on all plans, which means unlimited downloads, media streaming and gaming.

Compatibility with Platforms

BolehVPN supports cross-platform access. This means that the software clients are fully compatible with all major platforms and operating systems, such as: Android, iOS, MacOS X, Linux and Windows. It is also compatible with a wide range of devices, including: laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones and routers (Sabai Technology, DD-WRT, Asus-WRT Merlin).


The company relies on a robust military-grade 1024-bit RSA encryption to support OpenVPN and Aes 256-bit encryption to support L2TP/IPsec. PPTP is not supported by BolehVPN as it is no longer considered a secure tunneling protocol. OpenVPN is always recommended for its strong level of security and ability to penetrate through the most challenging firewalls and DPI investigations.

Unlike most VPN provider that rely on PPTP to support torrenting and P2P, BolehVPN relies on L2TP/IPsec to make torrenting and P2P ever secure. In addition, BolehVPN comes with essential and advanced security features, such as: kill switch, protection against DNS leakage, auto-reconnection feature and a traffic scrambler called “xCloak“. These features ensure that a user’s traffic is always encrypted and anonymised at all times while being connected to the internet even if the VPN connection drops.


In addition to hosting games to allow users use VPN while gaming, BolehGeo is a media streaming VPN service that helps users bypass geo-restrictions and get access to media streaming websites, such as: Netflix.

Customer Support

Unfortunately, live chat service is not available. However, users can communicate with BolehVPN support team via an e-mail ticketing system. Moreover, self-assisting tools, such as: F.A.Q, forum and a blog are available.


BolehVPN is certainly a provider that is worth trying and has earned a respectable spot in the best and most recommended VPN services due to its solid performance and high level of encryption. We would suggest that they include a live chat support.