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Many of the users of web browsers need to use a proxy to open restricted websites through a browser, especially the needing to “add proxy to chrome

Chrome is one of the best web browsers and most commonly used all over the world because of its many advantages, one of the distinctive Google versions.

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add proxy to chrome

What is the importance to add proxy to Chrome

Before we know the importance of needing to “add proxy to chrome“, let us know what the proxy is; proxy is a server receives requests from a client who wants to access a specific webpage which may be restricted for some reason in the region in which he lives, the proxy server evaluates this request and return it to the client again. When you add proxy to chrome; let we say that the proxy is an intermediary between the client requests and those blocked servers.

Some countries impose restrictions on some websites, and there are two ways to open the banned sites either using VPN or without the need to use software programs like what we talk about “add proxy to chrome”, which maintains browsing safely at the same time accessing the blocked websites easily through the proxy server.

The steps to add proxy to Chrome:

Start Google Chrome, from Menu go to Settings and select Options.

Select the network section to change the proxy settings.

Click on Connections, according to the type of Internet connection you have:

*If you are using a dial-up or VPN connection, click on Settings

*If you are using a different connection types, click on LAN Settings

Select Use a proxy server in both VPN and dial-up connection, or in the LAN settings; you’ll find two fields so you can add proxy to chrome

Server: Put the IP address that you want to open

Port: Put the port number to be opened

*After “add proxy to chrome” and you finished browsing, don’t forget to restore the settings as they were.

Another method instead of needing to “add proxy to chrome”

There is another way to open the banned websites easily and safely; is to use a VPN service (Virtual private network) which is responsible for changing the IP address to other IPs from Europe and America.

The beautiful in “VPN” compared with “Add proxy to Chrome” is a possibility of opening banned programs also; the use of the service is not limited to open websites only like proxies.