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FX Now

FX Now is the official website or online video streaming service of the famous American basic cable and satellite channel, FX. FX was officially launched in 1994 and is owned by the well known 21st Century Fox, which is one of the biggest production companies in the world. The service FX Now was launched in 2014 as the official website and online streaming service and application for FX and has become extremely popular worldwide for its premier broadcasting of famous series and shows. Even though FX is available in many countries around the world today, but FX Now is only accessible from within the United States. Despite the fact that FX Now is well known internationally, yet only those users residing in the US are able to enjoy it. Anytime you try to access FX Now from outside the US the below message will appear.

 FX Now blocked

Recently there has been available a perfect solution for all these geo-restrictions or geo-blocks which is the use of a Virtual Private Network or VPNs. VPNs have been the main protector of their users’ online freedom, online security, and online privacy. With the right VPN no online geo-restriction or censorship can stand in your way. In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to bypass the geo-restriction placed by FX Now and access it from anywhere in the world, outside of the US, using a VPN.


Before we start you must make sure that the VPN service that you will be using meets the following points:


1- You must have a full subscription to a reliable VPN service


2- The VPN must have or operate at least 1 server located inside the US


3- Must provide its users with high connection speeds (either through optimized servers for video streaming or through anti-throttling features)


The VPN provider that we will be using in this tutorial is bVPN. It is a Netherlands based provider that was launched in 2014. Ever since it started operating and it has been climbing rapidly up the ranks among its competitors due to its continuously growing and improving features. These features met every requirement needed to access FX Now, from multiple servers located in the US to extremely stable connections and anti-throttling capabilities.


How to Access FX Now from Anywhere


1- If your browser is open, close it


2- Open the bVPN application


3- If you are not logged in then in the top of the application window click on “Log In


4- Type in your VPN credentials and click on “Log In


5- In the top of the application window, click on “Connect” to go back to the main page


6- Click on the “Location” icon to open the list of available servers


7- From the list of servers, scroll down and select any server located in the US


Note: In the list of servers and next to each server you will find its connection speed. Choose the server with the highest speed


8- Once a server is selected, click on “Connect


9- Once a connection is established, minimize the application


10- Open your browser and go to the FX Now website ( and enjoy


Note: The steps may vary slightly between one VPN provider and the other depending on the VPN application’s interface, yet the concept is the same which is to connect to a VPN server within the US