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watch super bowl outside the US with vpn

Super Bowl is probably the biggest sports event in the United States. Whether you’re a SeaHawks fan, a Patriots fan or an avid lover of American football, you certainly would stick to your seat and wouldn’t want to miss this annual historical event! If you live in the US, you wouldn’t have a problem watching the Super Bowl for free via via NBC’s main site. However, if you live overseas and want to watch Super Bowl outside the US, it won’t as easy.

Due to geographical restriction policies, Super Bowl streaming is restricted to US residents and isn’t accessible to anyone living outside the US, using conventional streaming methods. However, in this article we will show you how you can easily watch Super Bowl outside the US and enjoy the heat of your favourite game. “The main, and simplest method is to use a decent VPN service which will enable you to have access to a US server.”

How to watch Super Bowl outside the US


If you can be physically at the stadium and don’t have access to NBC’s live streaming of the world’s favourite NFL Super Bowl, you don’t need to be upset about it because we got you covered! You can unblock Super Bowl and watch your favourite team winning with a virtual private netwrok (VPN). Check out these top three VPN services that will take your video experience to a whole new level!

1- Wasel Pro

Wasel Pro is a VPN service provider, which offers a number of plans for clients who seek anonymity while using the web. It ensures this by providing its encrypted servers, located at various locations all over the world, to the client. Wasel Pro specializes in providing services to Middle East clients, who are often blocked from accessing certain sites, or want to watch Super Bowl outside the US or access resources like NetFlix which are available only in the US. Wasel Pro uses a number of secure protocols for you to watch Super Bowl outside the US, which top the industry grades in VPN. This helps the clients browse the net with freedom not only from restrictions, but also from data sniffers and hackers. Indeed, with its double encryption channel (OpenVPN over SSH) between the client’s computers and Wasel Pro’s servers, this VPN service provider ensures complete anonymity on the web to those seeking it.It also provides a plethora of payment options to suit each client, and its servers have been made compatible with Mac and Android through specific programs/apps. Coupled with its overall cheapness, availability of different plans to suit different customers and excellent speeds, Wasel Pro can be considered as a good option for anyone seeking a good VPN provider in order to watch Super Bowl outside the US.

waselpro vpn appWasel Pro offers a range of packages for those looking for different time periods for their VPN needs. Firstly, for those who are seeking VPN services for a very limited time and for very specific needs, there is the One Month Plan, priced at $9.99. Considering the fact that this will allow you to browse with full anonymity for a month, the price does not appear to be excessive.

Next comes the three month plan, which aims to provide the same benefits, but over a longer period. As expected, the pricing per month falls since the subscription is for a longer period. Hence, the pricing is $27, which comes out to $9 per month, leading to a savings of about a dollar per month. Like the monthly plan, this too appears to be decent. It should also be noted that not all VPN providers offer a 3 month plan, and this appears to be one of the interesting innovations of Wasel Pro.

2- Leafy VPN

Leafy VPN is one of the latest entrants in to the VPN service industry and ideal to watch Super Bowl outside the US. It offers encrypted, secure service at very competitive prices. It has servers in 10 different countries including China. It is one of the very few global VPN service providers that have servers based in China, which is known for its notorious internet censorship. At the present, they don’t allow bittorrent or p2p traffic. Setting up for LeafyVPN is very easy and quick. All that you are required to do is to download Leafy VPN client software then unzip it. It does not are quire installation. Because the files are in portable executable version, you can put the zip file on thumb drive or CD and keep your internet connection secure and safe wherever you are. Leafy VPN offers very simple software interface. Users can choose based on server choice. This VPN service provider has organized its services according to continent so it will be easy for you to watch Super Bowl outside the US. Its servers are also organized according to protocol OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP. Although the interface is not so good, for most people it’s still functional. It’s disappointing to note that its servers are labelled not by city but by country and so the users really have no idea as to the exact location of the server in the countryAlthough many international users will have no issue with this, the users in the United States may be concerned about the server which is closest to their location.

3- Banana VPN

Banana VPN has for so many years being in the internet privacy as well as VPN industry. Ever since the year 2007, they have offered the very best of services to individuals and businesses all over the world. With Bananavpn, you can watch Super Bowl outside the US and have the benefit of experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity with a company that truly cares and appreciates its clients for who they are. The high level of experience is put to very good use by bananavpn and every banana review you read will always shed light on the level of experience the company has to offer. There are so many VPN companies or services that do not and will never offer up to a quarter the credible services that banana VPN offers. This is why they are considered one of the best in the market today. If you truly want quality VPN services to watch Super Bowl outside the US or for your phone, players or even computers; bananavpn is always there to give you quality VPN services no matter what. Bananavpn is a 100% legal business that follows the rules and regulations of the industry. This means, you can count on them for the very best of security. They also prohibit illegal file sharing all through the various VPN networks. This way, your security is always safe and always assured.