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Do you live abroad and want to be able to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK?

If you are passionate about watching your favorite UK TV iPlayer on your overseas holidays, you will have many options to do so. In this tutorial, we clarify three methods to enable you of watching BBC iPlayer outside UK. These 3 methods are: Proxy, VPN applications and VPN manual setup.

Watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK

First Method

Using a proxy server to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK

Initially a proxy is considered a mediator between the client and the server which is requested to connect. From this angle, you will have the choice to change your IP address to the one which comes from the UK in order to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK. You can add a proxy server to your browser whether you’re using Google Chrome or Firefox, or Internet Explorer. In all cases the proxy that will be added in your browser will receive the request from your device to BBC iPlayer server, handle it, and then it turns back the request to you.

*For example: to access BBC iPlayer outside UK on Google Chrome:

Start Google Chrome, from Menu select settings, and then click on options.

Choose the networks setting to make your changes.

Click on Connections, according to the type of Internet connection you have:

*While using a dial-up or VPN connection, click on Settings.

*While using a different connection types, click on LAN Settings.

Select Use a proxy server in both VPN and dial-up connection, or in the LAN settings.

Now fill in these fields:

Server: Put the IP address of the server. (It has to be a UK server).

Port: Put the port number to be opened.

And save your changes.

But this method is not useful in case you were using Netflix application on your Android device or iOS device. Therefore, VPN is a more reliable solution in such cases.

Second Method

Using VPN to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK

Virtual private network is the most common and reliable method to change your IP address to throw off any restriction faces you while you want to access a particular websites. As the VPN services provide a virtual and private network which gives you an IP address from the UK to be able to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK.

Of course you will be confused as you have more than one VPN service to unblock BBC iPlayer to choose between. You can return to VPN reviews to help you decide.

VPN is characterized by its compatibility with all widely-used operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Not all VPN providers support all operating systems of course, but many of them do.

Unblock BBC iPlayer with VPN

How to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK using VPN:

Third method

Using L2TP VPN manual setup to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK

Some of VPNs gives you the potential to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK via manual way as we mentioned via “L2TP VPN protocol”.

L2TP (Layer 2 tunneling protocol) can be provided by any of VPNs which have this ability like PrivateInternetAccess, StrongVPN, and others.

This method is considered to be the best if you would like to access BBC iPlayer outside UK on iPad. You can find out more on this method by visiting this link.